The Best Walking Routes in Oregon

Oregon is a beautiful state with countless miles upon miles of beautiful walking trails. Unfortunately, it’s hard to choose what’s the right one for you with all of this selection! Instead of trying all of them and running through ten pairs of shoes to do it: here are the top six walking routes and why you should try them!

Trail of Ten Falls, Silver Falls State Park

If gorgeous waterfalls and beautiful scenic views are your walking pleasure: the Trail of Ten Falls is the place to go. This entire trail has endless views of waterfalls, gorgeous greenery, and beautiful views that will make your jaw drop.

Although it’s in a state park that you have to pay to enter, it’s worth it! So if you’re in the state, give this walk a go- it’s both easier and more fun than many others on this list.

Wildwood Trail, Portland

If city walking is more your speed, the Wildwood Trail in Portland will make you happy! Every inch of this trail is historic and beautiful, showing off the gorgeous architecture of the area, mixed with lush greenery. Getting to view the city like this would make any tourist start looking for apartments in Portland, Oregon! This is a completely free trail so that you can enjoy it at any time.

Eagle Creek Trail, Columbia River Gorge

More breathtaking water views and beautiful nonstop nature makes this trail a major hit for visitors. Although the gorge will change in levels throughout the year, the water is always breathtaking to look at depending on the rain intake. This is a longer trail, so be sure to wear sturdy shoes and back a couple of water bottles!

Timberline Trail

If you’re scared of heights, avoid the Timberline Trail! This works through elevation to make you feel an excited buzz as you work your way up the side of the Timberline. Then, coming back down feels good, as your legs get to stop working so hard and enjoy the decline. Every part of this trails a pleasure that anyone would love.

Misery Ridge, Smith Rock State Park

Another scenic view from above, Misery Ridge, is a stunner like no other! Safety precautions are in place so you don’t fall, and since this is a state park, you’ll have to pay to enter: but it also means it’s incredibly well maintained. If you’re not scared of heights but want to push yourself to go further, this trail is the one to take.

Angel’s Rest Trail, Columbia River Gorge

Another trail on the gorge, the Angel’s Rest trail, is a long one that stretches beside a river and makes it feel like you’re moving along with the current. Every inch of this trail is fun and exciting, and many people brag that they walk this same trail every weekend. Each step pushes new beautiful scenery into view: so bring a camera! You can take all of the pictures you want, and you’ll want to take tons on a trail like this one.


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