Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Next Road Trip

Road trips are common for families once the weather starts to get warm. Being able to unplug and escape to nature with your family for some fun and adventure is awesome. Having a good time is the goal, but when money’s tight, being able to find savings is a huge plus. Fortunately, road trips are some of the most affordable types of vacations. Here’s a look at a few more ways you can save.

Take an RV

If road trips are common for you and your family, you might consider investing in a recreational vehicle. Why? Well, it’s a lot cheaper than taking a rental car, prevents the need to put wear and tear on your personal vehicle, and it has the means to save you a lot of money. Lots of RVs have amenities like beds, kitchens, bathrooms, televisions, and the best RV awnings which make them perfect for temporary living accommodations. There’s no need to stop and pay for an overnight stay in a hotel.

Choose the Right Destination

Where you travel also makes a huge difference in how much your road trip will cost. Conduct online research to determine which states are the most expensive for traveling. Consider distance from where you live as well. The further out you travel, the more you’ll have to pay in gas and toll.

Travel Off-Season

If you’d prefer to travel to a more popular destination you can still save money by planning your trip during the off-season. This is when the area tends to get the least amount of visits from tourists. Since businesses still need to generate profits, they’ll often reduce the price of services and merchandise to keep tourists interested in making the trek.

Be Mindful of Gas

Finding affordable gas is one thing but knowing how to conserve the gas you have is another.  Driving the speed limit and making sure you’ve had your fluids changed and tire pressure checked can help save you a ton on gas. Another way to keep the cost of gas down is to be mindful of how much you’re packing. Heavier loads weigh the vehicle down causing it to burn more gas.

Find Free Activities

Unless your destination is just a few short hours away from your house, chances are you’re going to need to make some stops along the way. As you take breaks, instead of going to an expensive rest stop or an overpriced restaurant, why not pre-plan a few things that are free to do? There may be trails worth hiking, lakes great for fishing, or parks that are perfect for a nice picnic. Other free options might include festivals, fairs, or admissions to museums or historical sites.

If you’ve been wanting to take a road trip with your family, significant other, or otherwise, but felt that your budget was too small to make it work, think again. There are several ways you can cut the costs of a road trip and still have a great time exploring parts of this beautiful country. Use some of these ideas and others as you plan your next getaway.

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