My first travel experience in the UK: A foolproof guide

If you’ve never traveled to the UK before, simply continue reading to discover a few handy tips for first-time travelers to the UK which I compiled after my first trip to the UK that I think you’ll find handy in planning your upcoming trip to the UK.

My first travel experience in the UK: A foolproof guide to planning your first trip to the UK

1. Make sure to pack a waterproof jacket as the weather in the UK can change in an instant

Even if you plan to visit the UK during the summer, it’s well worth packing a waterproof jacket as on average it rains in the UK over 107 days per year. So there’s a high chance that it may pour down with rain during your vacation.

2. Only tip service staff for exemplary service

In the UK tipping isn’t customary so only tip your waiters, hotel staff and tour guides who provide you with exemplary service. So there’s no need to budget hundreds of dollars to tip the service staff who meet as you might in other parts of the world.

3. Organize a rental car for the duration of your trip, so that you’ll be able to explore all the amazing sights and cities which the UK has to offer

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to planning your trip is to plan to spend the entirety of your trip in London. As it’s well worth visiting other parts of the UK such as the picturesque coast of Cornwall which is located in England and the historic Scottish cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

While visiting the UK also make sure to spend at least 2 nights in Wales. Where you’ll be able to tour ancient castles and catch a thrilling rugby game in Cardiff. And if you rent a car, it will be much easier for you to get around and explore all these destinations! You may even be able to luck out and find rental car coupons and other discounts if you search online. 

4. Make sure to visit a local fish and chip shop and to order a butter chicken at a local Indian restaurant

Fish and chips happens to be one of the UK’s most popular dishes, so if you’d like to experience a bit of local culture, it’s well worth ordering fish and chips for dinner.

Alternatively, if you’re not tempted by the sound of fish and chips, you may prefer the sound of tasting a spicy butter chicken. As more butter chicken dishes are sold in the UK each year than fish and chips, which makes butter chicken the UK’s favorite takeaway dish.

5. Consider staying at a local bed and breakfast in order to experience warm local hospitality

One of the best decisions I made was to spend half of my trip to the UK staying at bed and breakfasts across the UK, which gave me a chance to interact with friendly locals, who were keen to recommend their favorite restaurants, bars, sites and attractions with me. As it’s the people who you meet on your trips, who make your trips abroad so special, it’s definitely worth opting to stay at a local bed and breakfast.

So if you plan to board a plane to the UK in the coming months, make sure to follow my handy tips in order to enjoy your best vacation yet.

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