Moving To London? Here Are A Few Things To Remember Before You Do

So you have a lovely London property from Gerald Eve checked out and you found it to your liking. For months you’ve been travelling to and from your home to work for miles every day. Now you’re moving someplace nearer to work, you’ll be able to just walk to your job every day. It was expensive but compared to your monthly fuel bill, you’ll be able to cut costs.

Or maybe not! Maybe you’re still planning to move but you still have some doubts about this. You know London well enough, or at least all the places you need to know while you work there. But you’re still quite unfamiliar with it as home. So here are a few tips to help you get even more familiar with London as a home:

1. When choosing a home in London, follow your budget strictly. Rents in London can be really expensive. However, some places are definitely cheaper than others so make sure to check out as many areas of the city for the best value home you can find but also that fits your needs.

2. Do you have children? Try to locate somewhere that’s near a school. Work overtime often? Find a place which is local to a few convenience stores nearby where you can grab something which you have run out of. Try balancing out your needs and priorities to narrow down your best new location.

3. If you get a place somewhere a bit farther away than your target area, don’t be disappointed. Continuously monitor any of your ideal locations and be alert for any property which later becomes available.

4. Walking is how you’ll navigate around London most of the time. As for transport, buses are fine though they’re slower than the tube. Bus and tube services do not always run regularly after normal office hours; not good news for those who work regular overtime. You can of course use taxis, but they can be expensive. Uber would work fine but again they are more expensive than public transport.

5. Choosing a safe place to live is also important, so take note of it. If you’re worried about local crime statistics it is important to remember that there are steps you can take to secure your new residence when you move in. Talk to potential neighbours to get a feel of the local area.

6. Get a credit card if you don’t have one yet. London is a modern city and cards are accepted everywhere. They can also double as a travel card. Check the information from Transport for London.

London is a typical modern city  filled with things to do and places to explore; free museums, beautiful parks, art galleries and monuments and certainly far too many to list here.

If you stay calm and focused and don’t get intimidated by the city, you’ll definitely find the city a good place to live.

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