How to keep your Travel Memories Alive through a Newspaper

Travelling is exciting. Those that do so, many times throughout the year, end-up confusing some of the memories and forgetting particular elements that they enjoyed. To make it easy to remind ourselves of the good times we had, there is nothing like printing a newspaper from each trip that we take. Here are some of the reason why you should think about starting this habit with your next trip, or even using the one you just came back from.

Share your Experience with Friends and Family

There are many ways to stay close to the ones you love, even when you travel. You can write them a WhatsApp, accompanied by a picture or even do a videocall while on the beach. But there is nothing like sharing your full experience on a newspaper, once you are back. The big advantage with this tool is that you don’t have to print only pictures. You can also add information about the location or describe what you discovered, while you were there. This is much more interesting for those who will receive it, then simply looking at a montage of pictures. It is quite easy to do, since you only have to download a newspaper template, and position texts and images, where they are supposed to be placed, before transferring it back to the printer. Once you get the copies in your hands, you send them out through the mail, and everyone around you will be able to share the beautiful adventures that you lived around the world.

Create Your Own Newspaper Collection on Tourism

It is great to have tourist booklets, guides and other printed brochures from destinations worldwide, at your home. But there is nothing quite like having your own collection of printed newspapers, from locations that you visited throughout your life. These are the kind of memories that you pick-up, every once in a while, and go through the pages to remind you of what you have lived, and how lucky you are to have accumulated such knowledge of the world, thanks to various people that you met, while travelling. Seeing their faces again, printed in colours, on the pages of the newspaper, will revive the emotions you felt when the moment happened.

Easy to Store and to keep Close-by

Since newspapers are not wide, you can easily store them somewhere, one beside the other. You can do so in a drawer in the living room or even in the bedroom, where you can reach for them easily, at all times. It is important to protect them well, so they remain intact. Keep them away from humidity, as much as possible. Inserting them into a plastic folder, which can be sealed, is the best way to keep the colours and the print intact, throughout the years.

Physical elements make our memories more alive than keeping them only in digital version. How many times do we watch the pictures that we took in past trips, on our phone? They often end-up in old smartphones which we don’t use anymore and are somewhat lost to us. Printing a newspaper will keep your memories alive and close to you, forever.

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