First Visit To The City of Lights, Paris

Paris is one of the cities that never sleep, but get illuminated at night. For first timers and for those who keep coming back for more, there is always something awesome to experience – the ‘never-let-you-go’ café life, world class landmarks, chic shopping centers, river banks that are perfect for a stroll and what not! However, for some, visiting Paris for the first time can be intimidating. First, the city is quite huge and most of the top attractions are located far from each other (Esp Disneyland is on the outskirts of the city), making it difficult for the first timers to travel around the city. Second, they speak French. While you do not have to really know the language, you might at times, find it tough to communicate. To ensure you enjoy the city in the best conditions, here are some tips for all those who are visiting Paris for the first time.

Learn a few French words

As Parisians do not speak good English, some of them try to avoid speaking in English. Also, they love it when visitors make an effort to talk to them in their local language. So, it is always good to know a few important French words before you land there – Bonjour (which means Hello), Merci (meaning Thank You), S’il vous plait (which means Please).

Get a Travel Pass

As a first timer, it is good to know your travel options so that you don’t find yourself getting overwhelmed in the big city. One of the best and most economical options available is to buy a travel pass. However, the decision of buying a travel pass depends on how many days you are staying in Paris.

Join a guided tour

One of the best tips for your first visit to Paris is to join a guided tour as it helps you know the place better. You get to walk around the city in the company of locals who tell you about the best places in the town, the most interesting stories about the city, the offbeat spots, the local insiders; you get strong insights into the French culture, their lifestyle, history and food habits. And who knows you might get to know some of the darkest secrets of Paris. So, why not discover new perspectives on the city of lights in the most entertaining way!

Know where to stay

When it comes to accommodation, there are umpteen options that the city offers you. However, pinning down where to stay depends largely on your choice of location and budget. Most of the key districts come with easy access to transport links, major sights, dining options, pubs, shops and so on. For those who want to stay connected, hotels around the right bank areas make a perfect choice. And for those who like the village charm over the city life, consider areas like Montmarte. Throw yourself in the alternate canal area if you are one of those who follow the hipster trend.

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