A Holiday in Devon: What to Expect



Devon is an absolute gem of a place, with rolling green hills and stunning cliffs that run alongside miles and miles of sandy beaches, and if you are planning to spend your downtime in the West Country, you couldn’t pick a better location than sunny Devon.

Friendly Locals

Devon is a big tourist attraction and the local people are very friendly, and with many like-minded tourists, you are bound to forge some lifetime friendships while on your holiday. You can sample the unique atmosphere of a Devon pub, where the locals tell stories of pirates and shipwrecks, and enjoy some fine ale and exceptional Cornish cuisine (you really must try the Cornish Pasty). Aside from the friendly pubs and inns, there are quaint little tea shops where you can enjoy a Devon Cream Tea.

Geared Up for Families

One of the reasons why Devon and the west coast is so popular is there are so many things to see and do. There are affordable luxury holiday cottages to rent in North Devon that can easily be booked online, and once you have secured your accommodation, you can search online to discover the many different attractions that are all within driving distance of your cottage. On the days you don’t fancy going anywhere, your self-contained cottage is a short walk from the beach, allowing you to experience the sunrise and sunset from a Devon beach.

Unsurpassed Natural Beauty

If there was a corner of the United Kingdom that has changed little in the last 100 years, it would be the county of Devon, and if you happen to like hiking, Devon is the place for you. You can ride horses through beautiful countryside, or rent a mountain bike and explore the rolling hills, and if you have kids, there are some notable theme parks that offer a unique adventure for the entire family.

Unique Culture

The people of Devon have a unique culture that is very colourful, and you will no doubt get to see the famous Morris Dancers while you are there, and there is something for everyone in Devon. In the large towns, there are museums that depict life as it was on the West Coast of England, which has a long seafaring history, and you can spend your afternoons looking at great works of art handed down through the generations, then take a walk through enchanted gardens and cobblestone streets, window shopping for handicrafts and souvenirs.


Make a Daily Plan

Bringing the family car means that you can plan each day separately, and using your luxury cottage you booked online, you have the perfect base. If you plan on going during the high season (June to September), make sure you book your accommodation well in advance, and expect to see many like-minded travellers, who are all looking to experience the magic of Devon.

It can be a little windy in Devon, so make sure you pack weatherproof jackets, and don’t forget the beach and swimwear, especially some UV protection, as the sun is at its strongest on the coast.

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