9 commonly committed mistakes foreigners should avoid when travelling to Jaipur

India is a diverse country. It boasts of having different types of landscapes, culture and monuments of ancient kingdoms, etc. This is what attracts people across the globe to visit this country at least once in their lifetime. One such city that needs special mention is Jaipur, located in Rajasthan, considered to be place of brave Rajputs. It is also the state’s capital city and a bustling place with locals and foreigners alike. Its rich royal culture and heritage, combined with tales of the powerful maharajas, sweets, jewellery and savouries tend to amaze travellers.

Foreign tourists however should take adequate precaution when travelling Jaipur or any other city and make the most from it. The truth is that foreigners do get unwanted local attention. But this does not mean the city or the country is unsafe. Be it travelling in any group or solo, knowing a few dos and don’ts when exploring the place is sure to make you feel safe and secure.

Common mistakes you should not commit during your travel to Jaipur

  • Travelling alone during night time: This city is said to celebrate round the clock, be it at the top bars in the city or festive celebrations conducted in temples. Its nightlife is quite absorbing and pumping. Even though, the night may be tempting, beautiful and young, venturing out alone will only invited unwanted dangers. Do not enter deserted, poorly lit streets or places. Take an experienced companion, preferably a local with you to be safe and not have to worry about anything. The local guide will help you tour the city and get to know the important locations and landmarks.
  • Not booking a reputed hotel in a safe neighbourhood: This is one of the major mistakes committed by most tourists. Lack of proper research is cited to be the reason. When visiting any crowded city, it is mandatory to stay at safe hotels located in secured surroundings. Avoid booking cheap hotels, as they are not safe and can be scrupulous. Go through reviews put up by other customers of the hotel who had stayed here in the past. This will give a clear picture about the hotel’s reputation, the type of accommodation provided, rates and if the neighbourhood is safe or not. It should also have access to various forms of transport and near to the main tourist hotspots. You should book jai mahal palace jaipur and enjoy a king or queen’s treatment throughout your stay.
  • Not taking proper care of your belongings: Jaipur is a busy city and full of chaos. Hence, it is quite natural for tourists to get lost or fall prey to scamsters and pickpocket groups. You need to stay alert at all times to avoid ending up as a victim. You should also not keep all your cash at one place. Rather, spread it different places. Moreover, ensure your luggage is safe inside your hotel room and the door locked secure. Say ‘No’ whenever and wherever necessary to be safe throughout your trip.
  • Trusting strangers: Do not trust anyone. Some scrupulous people commit crimes by using juveniles, as the latter seem to be less threatening. As any foreigner enters a market or tourist spot, everyone seems to be interested to sell their services or products to them. Do not get fooled by anyone. Rather, be polite in your approach and say you are just not interested. You should sound confident body language and tone. This will ensure you do not have to indulge in further unwanted interactions.
  • Not acting street-smart: Travelling to a new city also means indulging in street food besides sightseeing. You may be a foodie and want to try local delicacies. Be careful with regards to what you consume. Consider having food only from those vendors and places that maintains basic hygiene. Do not rush to taste just about anything as it may make you fall sick. Avoid drinks or food offered by unknown strangers. You can buy packaged water bottles for consumption purpose at the local stores. Tap waters are not safe or pure to drink.
  • No taxi available scam awareness: Do not hail taxis on street. Rather, research and select a well-established travel agency to provide airport pickup and drop, sightseeing, going to the market, etc. Some scrupulous taxi drivers may misguide and fool tourist by charging exorbitant rates or changing the routes. You can also get government approved prepaid taxis. They are quite safe and reliable. You can also book for apps like Ola and Uber.
  • Falling victim to currency exchange schemes: It is quite natural for foreigners to not have much idea of how the Indian currency coins and notes look like. Hence, they fall easy prey to scamsters. Avoid entering shady stores displaying interesting rates. Also be way of fake notes. Always exchange your currency at authorized places only like airports, banks or post offices. Whenever possible, make use of debit or credit cards. New currency notes have been introduced in the country in 2016 after demonetization. Make sure to not accept discontinued notes.
  • Falling victim to gemstone scams: The world’s largest gemstone market is in Jaipur city. Hence, it is quite natural for foreign tourists to buy gems as a souvenir to gift family members and friends. But make sure to shop from only authorized sellers. The city is popular for handicrafts and jewellery items. Unfortunately, it is also home to several infamous scams associated with gemstone purchase. Scrupulous sellers make money by selling fake or poor quality gemstones or stones. Do not buy any gemstone from the street hawkers or temporary shops. Ask for certificates and bills to prove the gemstone’s authenticity before purchase.
  • Not having proper point of contact: It is quite natural for you to get lost in a new city, especially where people do not easy understand your language. Do remember to note down your local hotel’s number, emergency contact numbers, etc. You can use a local SIM to contact your loved ones. This way, you can get access to cellular data if you do not get public Wi-Fi at some spots. You can use GPS for navigation purpose.

Considering jai mahal palace jaipur for your stay throughout the trip will allow you to be safe, stay refreshed and rejuvenated all the time.

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