6 Freshly Pressed Packing Tips for Your Next Bus Trip

 If you’re taking a bus trip, you probably wonder how to pack for maximum fun and efficiency. These six tips will tell you exactly what you need to know!

Travelling by bus can be a fun and affordable way to see Canada. Packing for your trip, on the other hand, can be a bit of a pain.

The first thing to do is to check the luggage limits on the bus line you’re travelling. There’s no need to pack up three bags when you can only take two! Of course, it always pays to travel light as well.

Travelling light is a great idea in theory, but it can be hard to do. Here are six freshly pressed packing tips that will make your next bus trip a breeze.

Know What You’re Heading To

How you pack has a lot to do with where you’re travelling and what time of year it is. Are you doing a simple tour, or are you taking a multi-hour trip? When you arrive, are you going to be skiing, visiting family, or sightseeing?

Think about how long the trip will be and what your destination will hold. That will tell you whether you should pack warm clothes, sports gear, presents for family, or other important items. There are many things you want to bring on every bus trip, but don’t forget the most important items!

Be Comfortable on Your Ride

The next decision to make is what you’ll bring into the cabin of the bus with you. Different bus lines in Toronto have different rules and guidelines, so start with that.

From there, consider how to be most comfortable on your trip. You’ll probably want a small pillow and a light blanket or sweater. Wear comfortable clothes, and be sure to have snacks, drinks, and entertainment in your bag as well.

To keep this from becoming overmuch, think about how to combine items. For instance, one tablet can hold games, music, movies, magazines, and books, reducing the amount you have to pack. Don’t forget your charger!

Pack Clothes for Your Itinerary

Whether you’re visiting family or taking a sightseeing bus tour, you want to make sure you have the right clothes. Pack enough to make it through the trip, but not too much – there’s no need to bring five pairs of jeans for a two-day trip!

Be sure to pack a formal outfit if your tour or destination includes formal dinners or events. If it’s summer, pack light clothes with a long-sleeve pullover in case it’s unexpectedly cold. In winter, try to pack multipurpose sweaters and a sweatshirt you can wear multiple times to avoid too much bulk.

Remember Toiletries and Medication

There’s nothing worse than boarding the bus, settling into your seat, and suddenly remember you forgot underwear – or worse, prescription medication. Some things you can buy at your destination or along the way, but others are much harder to replace.

Before you leave, make a “must have” checklist and review it before you get into the car for the bus station. That way you’ll remember all the important things!

Bring Rainwear and a Light Jacket

Even if it’s very warm when you depart and you are going somewhere hot during the summer, you need a light jacket and some rain gear. You never know when a storm could open up and the wind could pick up, changing the temperature drastically.

You also don’t know if the bus might be unexpectedly cold. Sometimes in the summer months a loaded bus will run the air conditioner on high, making it quite chilly as you’re sitting in your seat.

Remember to Bring Water

A water bottle will help keep you hydrated between stops and can also help settle your stomach if the road is a bit bumpy. Most longer bus trips and tours will have a bathroom on board, but if your particular vehicle doesn’t be sure not to drink too much.

Water is one of the most important elements for our bodies, whether we’re sitting, walking, or touring. Even if you run out of snacks, water can keep you going until the next rest stop. Be sure you bring a refillable water bottle.

A bus trip is a great way to see the country and visit relatives affordably. If you’re planning a trip or two this year, these packing tips will make your journey more comfortable. Have a great time!

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