5 Things You’ll Need To Before Taking an Extended Trip Abroad

If you’re planning a trip abroad for longer than a few months, then it’s vital that you prepare as much as possible. In order to enjoy your upcoming trip and be as carefree as possible, it’s critical that you create a checklist of the most important things you’ll need to do first.

There’s nothing worse than leaving for your trip only to find that you forgot critical steps which can affect the entire trip. Therefore, to help you prepare for your extended trip abroad, here are five things you’ll need to care of first.

Arrange Where You’ll Keep Your Things

If you’re going to be traveling for six months or more, then you may be leaving behind your apartment. It’s crucial that you arrange where you’ll put your things while you’re gone.

You may want to ask a family member to keep your things safe or even rent a storage unit. If you’re planning on returning in less than a year, you may choose to sublet your home to someone else. Whatever you do, make sure that it’s planned and organized with plenty of time to spare before your trip.

Ensure Your Passport Is Valid

It’s essential that your passport not only be valid when you arrive at your destination but also during the time that you’ll be there. The US State Department of Travel recommends renewing your passport at least nine months before it expires.

The last thing you want to do is find yourself with an expired passport in a foreign country. You may not always be near a passport facility where you’re traveling.

Prepare Your Finances

It’s essential to plan out how you’ll support yourself while you’re on your trip. Make sure that you have a nice amount of savings set aside, and that you bring at least two cards for backup.

Your banks should be alerted of your travel plans so that you can withdraw funds without having your account frozen.

Pack The Minimum

Whenever you return home from a trip, you always come back with more than you left with. Rather than arriving with an overstuffed bag, leave room in your luggage to accumulate more things.

If you plan on traveling to multiple destinations, then it can be incredibly burdensome to lug a heavy bag. Do yourself a favor and pack only what you need. You can get whatever you don’t have abroad.

Get Any Vaccinations You Need

Some countries will require you to get vaccinations before you go. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends getting your shots done six weeks before you leave. Ask your local CDC office what the health requirements are for the country you’re traveling to.

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