5 Safety Tips For Driving Across The Country

Summer is a great time to go on a road trip across the country. It can be a wonderful adventure either for you alone or with friends and family. However, it’s vital that you protect yourself against potential dangers on the road.

Even though you may be used to driving every day, it doesn’t make it any less dangerous.

In order to stay safe on long-distance driving trips, it’s essential to safe behind the wheel. Here are some of the best safety tips if you’re planning a trip across the country in your car.

Keep Your Distance

One of the most common broken rules in driving is people failing to keep their distance. Maintaining your distance is critical in order to keep you safe from other vehicles.

You should keep a safe amount of space between you and the car in front of you. The purpose is to avoid them coming to a sudden stop, which could lead to you hitting them.

On the highway, you should be particularly careful about following too closely behind trucks. Visibility can be a major issue for trucks which are larger than your car. So make sure that you keep a safe enough following distance. Getting hit by a truck will most likely lead to serious injury if not a fatality.

Get a Tune Up

Before you take your car on a long trip, you should ensure that it’s in good working condition. A qualified mechanic should ensure that everything is working exactly as it should be. You should have everything checked from your battery to belts to tires.

The last thing that you want to worry about is your car breaking down in the middle of your trip. It might not only be a nuisance, but it could even be dangerous if you are stranded far from any help.

Take Breaks

Fatigue is incredibly dangerous when you’re behind the wheel. If you’re planning on driving by yourself, then you should pull over every few hours and take a break. For increased safety, you should consider driving with another person who you can trade shifts with.

You can both take turns resting and driving in order to get to your destination faster. Besides, an extra pair of eyes on the road is always helpful.

Eliminate Distractions

Whether you’re on a road trip or not, you should always eliminate distractions when you’re behind the wheel. Never look at your phone or even touch your radio if your car is accelerating. You’re not only putting yourself in danger but also other people on the road.

Pack Safety Kit

It’s a good idea to pack a safety kit in case of emergencies. Consider bringing water, a flashlight, a spare tire, and flares. That way you know that if you’re in serious trouble, you have what you need.


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