5 reasons why booking a night in a hotel (alone!) is a great care

With lockdowns, social distancing and rules of six, 2020 has been a year like no other. Shops are closed, we’re working from home, and bars and restaurants are distant memories, but fear not – one thing you can practice in 2020 is self-care. And, let’s face it – after a year like this, we all could do with spending a little more time taking care of ourselves.

Self-care is more than just millennial lingo – it’s a crucial practice which involves dedicating deliberate activities to the improvement of our mental, emotional and physical health. If you fancy a little pamper, take our advice and book a night in a hotel – alone. Why, you ask?

#1: You can escape the stress of your routine

When we’re in our own homes, it’s so easy to fall into our same old routines – which come with their same old stresses. When you choose to spend alone time in a new environment, however, you’re forced to make a new routine. Suddenly, you’re in charge of your own schedule – you can do whatever you like. Trust us, it’s bliss.

#2: You can save money

We’ve all been there: the kids want to do something or another, perhaps a trip to the cinema. It all seems like a great idea until a few tickets, popcorn and drinks add up to a heavy hit to your finances. You find yourself thinking that “things used to be so much cheaper when I was on my own”. Well, with a solo hotel trip, you’ll incur fewer expenses. Paying only for yourself will be a newfound luxury!

#3: You can enjoy more peace and quiet

If you’re used to busy surroundings or a home full of people, you’ll be amazed at how quiet me, myself, and I time is. When we take time for ourselves, it allows us to truly relax, think and reflect on our lives. Perhaps there’s something you’re itching to do, and you’ve just never had the chance to take it through. Well, now’s your chance! Enjoy some quiet time and properly think.

#4: You learn to like yourself more

The prospect of doing things on your own can initially seem daunting, scary and even self-indulgent. Once you let go of these silly thoughts and embrace the alone time, it becomes really empowering. You start to think, “Wow, I can do things on my own no problem – and it’s really nice!” You begin to think less about what you need other people for, and really appreciate the power of you.

#5: You get to try new things

We bet you’ve never even considered booking a hotel stay alone… but why not? It’s a chance to get away, experience new things and see new places. Try to head to somewhere new or explore cities in a way you haven’t before – solo. City of London hotels, in particular, make great choices for solo stays – and they don’t always break the bank. Try the Dorsett City London for contemporary yet affordable elegance in the city.


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