5 Reasons to Travel to Laurel Heights This Summer

Does a vacation sound like a good idea? Pack up your bags and head to Laurel Heights this summer. Laurel Heights and the surrounding areas are filled with many outdoorsy, adventurous spots to check out. If you need more convincing before you head out the door, keep reading for some travel inspiration and more reasons to book this trip.

1. You deserve it

It might seem cheesy, but a good enough reason for a trip to the Laurel Heights area is because you deserve to relax! Relaxing is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. You have to find time to separate your work and worries so that you can have less stressful days. Opening up this time for yourself allows you to explore new parts of the world.

2. Outdoor wonders

Laurel Heights is a wonderful place to visit and stay near the San Francisco area. When you’re staying in Laurel Heights, you’re minutes away from many noteworthy outdoor experiences. One of these is the San Francisco Botanical Garden. This garden has over 500 reviews. It gets so many visitors because it is home to more than 9,000 plants from all around the globe. This green wonderland is located within Golden Gate Park. While here you can see the ocean, famous windmills, a Japanese tea garden, or maybe even some buffalo at some point! You can explore this park on a segway if that’s your style. Another thing to marvel at near Laurel Heights is the Lover’s Lane walking trail. You should specifically look for Andy Goldsworthy’s Wood Line. It’s an artist’s and photographer’s dream because this line of trees was made personally by the artist, Andy Goldsworthy.

While in Laurel Heights, you might be realizing that there is a lot of outdoor activity to do that requires exertion. While you’re on your trip, you want to explore the beauty this city has to offer. However, this can be difficult if your weight is preventing you from enjoying your time and travel experiences. If you’re looking for weight loss solutions be sure to check out this weight loss clinic in Laurel Heights. JumpstartMD is there to help you come up with a personalized solution. They’re located at this address: Laurel Heights 390 Laurel St, Suite 207 San Francisco, CA 94118. If you’re interested in a consultation or speaking with someone who can help with your weight loss journey, you should give them a call at (415)-852-4699. Seeking help for weight-loss can seem intimidating at first, but it’s the first step towards a positive lifestyle change.

3. The food

Laurel Heights is home to some seriously delicious cuisine. There are healthy options like salads and smoothies. But, there’s also burgers, wine bars, and foods from all over. For example, there is this well-reviewed Northern Italian restaurant. Other food choices include BBQ joints and American food, too. Be sure to check out some of these delectable spots on your trip.

4. Epic road trip

Many people have incredible dreams of going on long road trips across the United States. Maybe your trip out to Laurel Heights is going to take place in an RV. If you’re leaving from across the country, Laurel Heights would be a perfect ending point because it has so much variety to explore. But, owning an RV is a big expense. RV extended warranty companies can help to alleviate some of the costs that come with repairing such large vehicles.

To be more specific, RV warranty companies cover automotive parts like your engine, driving axle, and transmission. It’s worth noting that it’s not an insurance replacement. This company does the hard work for you by reviewing some of the top RV warranty companies. This way, you can compare different providers’ plans, coverage, and costs to find what’s best. You want peace of mind for your road trip. Once again, stress isn’t good for your overall health. So instead of worrying about any potential mechanical issues on the road, you can focus on taking in every moment of your adventure.

5. Shopping

If you love to shop, you have come to the right place. Laurel Heights is home to the Laurel Village Shopping Center. It quite literally has everything you could need during your visit. There are brand name retail stores, local stores, an independent bookstore, cafes, and even a grocery store! Just like the shopping options, around every corner of Laurel Heights, you can find a little something for everyone.

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