Why mobile phones are first choice for slot gaming

Of all the crazy changes that have happened since the turn of the century it is surely the inexplicable rise of mobile phones that has had by far the biggest impact on society as a whole. Mobile phones changed the game when they first came about, enabling people to be almost constantly connected, able to talk to each other on the move from two completely separate places.


This in itself blew a lot of minds, but over the last two decades it is a smartphone that has further blown things out of the water. These days a vast number of people have a smartphone that is actually more powerful than their computer. You can complete all manner of tasks on them, from sending a simple message to reading a book, booking a holiday, or, of course, gambling on the online slots.


Out of all of these things it is the ability to spin those reels from pretty much anywhere in the world that is surely the most exciting. Gone are the boring and tedious train commutes to work, these days you can gamble the journey away, maybe even making some money whilst you’re at it. Mobile slot titles at Easy Slots have changed the game, and developers are all clambering to make as many iterations as possible due to their incredible popularity.

How Mobile Became The Most Used Device For Slots: History

A major development with mobile phones came in 2002 when the first handsets with the ability to run Java script were released. You simply cannot over-exaggerate the importance of this, without Java script there simply would not be half as many possibilities with mobile phones.


Three years later in 2005 Pub Fruity was released, the world’s first proper mobile slot game, it saw moderate success, however its reach was somewhat limited by the fact that there still wasn’t a huge number of people that had phones good enough to run the program. This all changed with the iPhone, however. Suddenly almost everyone had a phone powerful enough to run some pretty serious programmes, and the online casino industry took note.


Another key thing that many people forget about is the development of HTML5, this provided a way to jump the difficult hurdle of cross-platform gaming, and blew the doors wide open for a surge in mobile casino.

How Mobile Became The Most Used Device For Slots: Now & Future

Fast-forward into 2019 and the amount of people trying their luck on the mobile reels has overtaken that of traditional computers. And there really is no surprise – mobile phones are pretty much as powerful as most laptops these days, so there isn’t really a dip in quality when playing on them. Plus mobile phones are way more practical than computers, nowadays you can play on the slots in pretty much any situation – not the case with computers.


And what does the future hold? Well, it can be difficult to foresee the next big technological advance, but many people are predicting VR to step things up yet another notch, something that will go hand in hand with mobile gameplay.


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