The Best Online Casino & Slots Events in 2020

If you want to up your online slots game in 2020 whilst also potentially boosting your wins, it’s time to take part in some exciting slots-specific events. The great thing about modern slot machine tournaments is that you can participate in them from the comfort of your own home, thanks to online casinos. Of course, top casinos in cities such as Las Vegas are renowned for thrilling live tournaments but it’s not always possible to travel to these venues, and online casino tournaments are a pretty great substitute. They’re open at all times, easy to access and all you need is an electronic device and a little money to deposit and stake on top games!

Where Can I Find Online Slots Tournaments?

To ensure you are up to date with the biggest and best upcoming 2020 slot game tournaments, the wisest move to make would be to join a varied range of online casinos. This way, you will be notified – usually by email – of featured tournaments and events, and can compare which tournaments will be the worthiest of your time and money. It’s certainly worth shopping around when it comes to leaderboard competitions thanks to much variation in prizes, qualifying slots and times you can play, etc.

Usually, the most lucrative events will be held by leading casinos in the UK online gambling industry; these will often feature the best-rated slot games too. You can also participate in a tournament at a leading UK online casino with confidence that you’re playing in a safe, secure, fair and regulated environment.

Always check the wagering requirements and terms and conditions of your chosen tournament. Some competitions require a certain sum to be deposited and wagered on qualifying slots in order to enter; for instance, bet £100 on Gonzo’s Quest over the promotional period of 3 weeks.

How Do I Win a Slots Tournament?

Here’s the good news: winning a slots tournament is simple! There are no complex rules; generally, the player with the largest bankroll balance as the tournament closes sits at the top of the leaderboard. The highest figure bankroll is achieved by playing qualifying slots often, while usually attempting to trigger the bonus feature for boosted wins. Always check whether you need to opt in to the leaderboard competition, whether there is an entry fee and which games are qualifying tournament titles. If there is a tournament entry fee, this will contribute to an overall prize-pool which all the players have the chance to benefit from (quite similar to a progressive jackpot).

The Best Online Slots Tournaments in 2020

As we mentioned previously, you’ll usually find the best online slots tournaments at industry-leading UK casinos. If you’re still unsure which to go for, Microgaming-associated slots tournaments are renowned for being high quality and often very lucrative. An added bonus is that Microgaming online slots are in a league of their own, incredibly popular and phenomenal quality. You might find titles such as Tomb Raider, Thunderstruck or Avalon in a Microgaming slots tournament, for example.









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