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There is nothing wrong in being willing to date someone who lives in another country or speaks a different language. More and more, people are looking for their life partners elsewhere. That’s why Russian brides are so popular. They are very different from western females and this makes them quite exotic to western men.

Are Russian brides really so sweet? If you have never dated any of the brides from Russia or have failed with them before, this guide will be right for you. Below, you will learn everything you need to discover about Russian brides, why they are worth dating and why you may not need to choose one of them.

Why do foreign guys choose Russian brides?

Russian brides are surrounded by plenty of stereotypes and myths. A lot of western guys still follow those myths and then, they are surprised to fail. They say that Russian women are all obedient and listen to their husbands, they spend all their time cooking and cleaning, and when you come home from work, they meet you in sexie lingerie and give you the best sex ever.

Yes, guys like dreaming like that. However, this is not really true. These myths are long gone. Thankfully, you can learn why exactly Russian brides are so popular:

  • Extreme femininity;
  • Ability to take care of themselves well;
  • Wonderful taste in clothes and perfume;
  • Good bodies and shapes;
  • Healthy lifestyles;
  • Loyalty;
  • Ability to be great mothers.

These are the most admired qualities by western men. Russian brides possess them all. Of course, there are always exceptions. However, the general picture is for sure like that.

Common mistakes in dating Russian brides

The Internet is teeming with various stories of men scammed and disappointed by Russian brides. Some guys warn you about them while others admire these females and boast about their greatest experiences. The truth is not all western men know how to approach a real Russian bride. Below, you will find the most common mistakes guys make when trying to know a Russian woman. You may recognize some of yours as well.

You think she is high maintenance

Let’s be honest. All women require investment, no matter where they live. If you want to have a beautiful and well-cared woman next to you, you have to invest in her. Russian brides live in a huge and well-developed country. They get a good education and make great careers. Taking all that into account, it is not difficult to assume that they can afford certain things themselves.

You see how these females look — they look stunning. They invest in their manicures, pedicures, hair, clothes, and makeup. They spend time and dine out with their friends. Do you really think they need a man who cannot afford such woman? Definitely, not. Is that called high maintenance? No, this is called to get the woman you deserve.

You believe they need a green card

Lots of guys assume that Russian brides sit and dream of leaving their country and moving to the USA. This is not true either. If you check how many single Russian women live in the United States, you will be a bit surprised. Plenty of Russian expats move to America without marrying American men.

Those times when someone married an American for the sake of a green card are gone. You may forget about them forever. Now, your passport is not enough to have a beautiful sexy Russian bride. “Foreign men don’t have to analyze what makes them different from Russian men either”. (Source: ). No, you are not different from a Russian man at all.

Russian brides choose men by their actions and attitude toward a woman. If a Russian man makes her gifts and treats her like a queen and you think she would simply want to live in America, then your potential date would choose option number one. No one needs a green card anymore. It can be received without your help.

You send her money

Guys, if you have never met a woman, or if you do not have any relationship yet (having met once is not a relationship), there is no need to send money to this girl. This is a very common mistake of all western guys. They try to impress a woman by sending her money and “buying” her attention in the same way.

Unfortunately, it won’t bring any good results. Most likely, your girl will have a pretty good life on your money in her country. However, don’t expect that she will meet you sometime soon and move to your country. It never works.

Not to get into such a situation, go to DatingServiceUSA to discover more details about Russian brides. Be thorough and selective in your search and you will succeed with your dating practices for sure.


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