Your Best Guide to Planning and Hosting a Surprise Birthday or Other Event



It could certainly be nerve-wracking if you’ve ever planned or hosted a birthday party (or any other event) before, but what more for a surprise birthday party? Needless to say, you and the other organisers of the party or event would constantly have to watch yourselves not to give anything away, and it can be downright challenging to plan all the activities and work out the menu and guest list and entertainment; without giving anything away to the celebrant! But everyone can agree that surprise birthday parties or events are the best – there’s nothing like the thrill it gives as you go into the details with the celebrant not aware of a thing – and finally, the big reveal! But how do you plan a birthday party or event as a big surprise? Here’s your best guide to planning and hosting a surprise birthday party (or other events).

  • Assemble a team of experts

As much as you may want to, it’s hard to plan everything on your own – and this is where a team of experts can be of great help. If you have family, friends, or colleagues who are ready and willing to help, then why not – it could even be more fun that way (remind everyone to keep it under wraps!). You can form several committees, like the team leader, who is in charge of communicating with each member of the team and oversees the proper workflow for the event to go smoothly; a designer, who will be in charge of a theme and colour scheme and whatever decorations are appropriate; and a runner, who will take charge of errands and expenses for the event. Don’t forget the food and beverage manager, who will cook/coordinate with others regarding the menu and drinks, and the guest manager, who is in charge of the guest list and sends out invitations. Lastly, don’t forget to appoint a ‘guest of honour person’ – who will be responsible for coming up with the decoy to bring the guest of honour to the venue!

  • Determine a theme

Any expert event planner – such as – would tell you that it’s always better if you have a theme, but your theme should be based on what interests or hobbies your guest of honour has – and the kind of event you’re throwing. Perhaps you would also like to use a particular colour scheme. Also, how formal would you want your surprise party to be? Usually, a casual event would work better with a surprise party, but you can still pull off a formal one. The key to planning a more formal surprise party is to choose a location that isn’t too far from the ordinary, like a bar or restaurant.

  • Decide on the budget

When planning any party or event, it’s crucial to decide on a budget – and for a surprise event, the budget will be based on the number of guests, the venue, the formality of the event, and much more. But you can also decide to ‘trim’ the expense, and you can do it by limiting the refreshments or even asking each guest to bring their own (potluck style), or you could serve something light instead of the main meal. Additionally, you could save on the venue by hosting the event at an unexpected location – such as the backyard or garden of a neighbour or a public field or park.



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