Tiny Fest: How to hold a mini-festival from home

Dressed up in colourful costumes and singing and dancing to your heart’s content, festivals are the perfect time to let loose and enjoy the summer with your mates. While the summer of 2020 may have been a dead rubber, summer 2021 is looking to be just like we remember. Hosting your own mini-festival with your friends is the perfect way to kickstart the season. Here are our top tips on hosting your own mini-festival.

Find the right vibe

The atmosphere is one of the most pivotal aspects of any festival. Whether you’re going for a chill one watching the stars or want your guests to hit the dancefloor, nailing the right vibe will help you get perfect your festival. We suggest finding the right tone by setting up some funky decor and blooming botanicals all around your garden. Don’t forget your lighting either – bright colourful lights will keep the party going throughout the day and evening. Alternatively, fairy lights alongside a Hangout Pod will give your festival a more mellow, relaxed feeling. Whichever direction you choose, finding the right vibe is essential to a great festival.

The cosy zone

When your guests have been singing and dancing all day, a chill zone is a great way to let your guests hide away and take a break. With a combination of chairs, lighting and cosy pillows, you’ll easily nail that relaxation station. Looking for the perfect finishing touch? A Hangout Pod Set is a super snug option that has room for more than a couple of friends. Add some warm blankets and set out your furniture around a fire and we’ll be surprised if your guests even leave your chill-out zone.

Photo station

If you didn’t take a picture, did it even happen? Your mini-festival won’t be complete if the Instagrammers can’t find the perfect pictures to post. Set up a chic photo booth and make sure there is a variety of big glasses, feather scarves and any other festival stereotypes you can think of. When your festival is over, you’ll have a huge collection of funny photos to look back on forever. If you want to go a step further, why not grab some selfie sticks and great lighting too? If you need props signs for your photo booth Americansigncompany.com can make you custom ones. 

Hit the stage

A festival wouldn’t be a festival without the tunes. If you have space, we suggest getting a local band down to your garden to perform some music. Want to get more involved? A karaoke hour is a must if everybody’s in the right mood, allowing your guests to pretend they’re live at Glastonbury for just one night. If you’re leaving it to the Spotify playlists, take some time to set up different playlists for different vibes. Whatever way you decide to go, getting the music right is crucial if you want to nail your festival.

In the garden or out on the beach, a mini festival will live long in the memory of both you and your guests. In our eyes, shaking away the blues of 2020 is best done with a boogie. Just make sure it doesn’t rain!

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