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Tarot cards may seem like an esoteric pursuit but they have more significance in society than we care to think. This simple deck of symbolic images has been a part and parcel of cultures for hundreds of years, used by kings and commoners alike as a form of divination and guidance. Today, many misconceptions exist as people misinterpret the imagery and process of a tarot card reading session and measure it according to, what usually is their own limited understanding of science.

To dispel some common myths is the first step to understand tarot cards. No, they are not a magical tool that acts like fog lights into the future. You will not know the next week’s winning lottery combination through a set of tarot cards. A tarot card reading session is not just about the symbols on the table – it is also about your subconscious opening up and the expertise of the reader in helping you so.

Tarot Card Basics

At the center of it all is the deck of tarot cards. A single tarot deck comprises of 78 cards, further divided into two parts – the minor and the major arcanas.

The Major Arcana consists of the first 22 cards and is believed to represent the connection between the material realities of your life and your instinct or intuition. The Minor Arcana 56 cards are divided into four themes. These cards or symbols illustrate other aspects of life – conflicts, security, and ambition, just to name a few.

These cards are a conduit for your own intuition and psychic powers. Readers have different styles of reading the cards – there are those who will spread them out in a complex layout and there are some who choose to pull out not more than five cards to get started. Some of the styles you can familiarize yourself with are the Celtic Cross and Romany spreads. Some other popularly used tarot layouts include Tree of Life and Pentagram.

Understanding Life through Tarot Cards

Using tarot cards for love advice is one of the most common activities amongst practitioners of tarot reading. The minor arcana cards that deal with issues like relationships and love are the cup-themed cards. When it comes to love, a lot of times we stick to our own interpretation of things – especially when we have someone in mind. A tarot reading session will show you a larger picture view of where your current situation puts you.

Is this the right direction? Is there a possibility for you to enjoy reciprocal feelings? Tarot cards will not tell you the exact events – after all, the future is always in flux. They will show you the distinct choices you can make and the different possibilities that can ensue. A reading session will also connect the dots from your past and make you understand how relevant those past events have been in shaping your current choices. Your expectations of love can sometimes be a result of chasing the past or escaping from it. The more you understand these connections, the more clarity you will have about your relationship (or future relationship).

Identify Bad Tarot Readers

If you want to get a tarot reading session done, stick to platforms that will connect you to reputed readers or find someone you can trust to guide you. Learn to identify bad tarot readers.

Some readers may try to overwhelm you with tarot and divinity jargon. If the reader keeps harping on about special alignments and numbers, walk away. You are there to learn about yourself, not the techniques. A reader should not ask you too many questions. After all, you are there to listen to them, not to give them too much information. A tarot reading session can last a few minutes – it can go on for more than an hour. It all depends on the connection you have with the reader, the flow of the conversation, and the revelations of the cards. If the reader is trying to convince you to upgrade to a longer session to know more – that sounds like someone who is trying to make a quick buck.

A Positive Experience

Don’t let a few bad apples discourage you from a tarot reading session though. It is one of the most positive experiences that you can have. Modern life does not allow us to introspect and investigate the mystery of our own existence and our role in the universe. Tap into the healing and illuminating energies of your own psyche in a tarot session. In a world filled with distractions, seek yourself and find the clarity you need.

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