Some Tips For Choosing The Right Scarf

Scarves are timeless. If you don’t believe us, let’s dive into some of their histories right now. In the eighteenth-century fashion scene in western countries, bodices were cut quite low, requiring a piece of cloth, known as a fichu, to cover a woman’s chest. Scarves are nothing but the modern-day transformation of the fichu. Worn around the neck, and crossed, or tied at the bosom, fichus were shaped like squares or triangles. These were often made of white cotton, or linen, finely embroidered in white work. Some of the other fichus were made from colored silks with rich embroidery.

This style of scarf continued into the early nineteenth century, but as fashions shifted, scarves covered bodices, and large shawls started to dominate the “accessories” category. In the new era, we have started to use scarves not just to cover our body, but also to create a style statement. Scarfs have grown from being embroidered fichus to plain silk cloths to whatnots today! Many forms of dance use scarves as an important prop today.

Scarves, whether they are a fashionable accessory to compliment your outfits or clothes that protect your hair, have undergone different styles over the years. As this enduring fashionable piece still rocks the fashion scene today, we have listed some tips on how to ace the scarf look like a pro, in the following sections. After reading this, we are sure you will know how to rock your look when wearing scarves. A simple scarf can become a huge style statement, when you follow these tips properly.

Choose the right scarf

What do we mean by a right scarf here? We mean something that you are comfortable in and something that suits your skin. If you choose a quilted scarf, but it starts to feel itchy on your skin, there is no point in buying it. Using silk or cotton scarfs used to be some of the safest options in the earlier days, but nowadays you have unlimited options and thousands of pieces to choose from, when buying scarves. So, it is important to know what would suit your style and requirements the best.

Choose a length

While choosing scarves, you can choose from many different lengths. Usually, you will find three lengths – long, medium, and short scarves. You can choose the length depending on your requirements.

Long scarves ideal if you want the scarf to

  • Wrap around your neck
  • Use it as a shawl
  • Make a scarf tank top

A long scarf will help you rock these looks in style, without taking too much effort.

Medium-sized scarves are ideal if you want your scarf to also function as:

  • A bandana
  • A hair scarf
  • A waistband

A medium-sized scarf comes with enough volume to perform these roles beautifully.

Small-sized scarves are ideal for you:

  • If your scarf is as simple as tying it on your scrunchie, or
  • If you want to use it as a kerchief

Know your style

Are you the summer, autumn, or winter girl? The scarves you choose will depend on the answer to this question. It is important to understand your personal style first, before choosing scarves. Your scarf may look beautiful and intricate, but it doesn’t do its job well if it doesn’t reflect your style. You have to be comfortable with what you wear, and for this, it is important to choose your scarf based on your style.

Let your hair out

In this era, scarves can be worn anywhere you like, so why not on your hair? You can be as confident as you want, when styling your hair with scarves and getting as creative as you want in choosing these styles. There are various ways in which you can style your hair with a scarf. Some of them include tying them in with your braids, for the flower girl look, and tying them in your ponytail for a fresh summer style. If you want to go a little overboard with your style, you can tie your scarf in a bun or a scrunchie in your hair. This look is sure to attract eyeballs, wherever you go.

Pick the right outfit

Another crucial aspect of scarves is that you have to wear them with the right outfit. Contrasting colors do a great job of making you look attractive. For example, if your outfit is blue, you can choose an orange scarf to complete your look. You can always use the color palette to choose the perfect combinations while choosing scarves. A light blue scarf will also go well with a dark blue outfit.

Explore with prints and colors

There is no need to limit yourself to plain and satin scarves only. You are welcome to think out of the box and experiment with prints and colors. Prints and colors have revolutionized the fashion scene today, as they give ample scope for people to broaden their aspects of fashion and style. Thanks to these bold prints, you will be encouraged to come out of your comfort zone and dress up in ways you never thought you would!

Various well-known firms and designers have contributed to producing chic and collectible scarves. In the course of the twentieth century, the scarf’s viability as a blank canvas, on which it is possible to present elaborate designs and advertising, has increased. Scarves, single-handedly, have achieved a state of extreme popularity within companies and agencies too. They have not only bagged a place in the clothes and kerchiefs segment, but are also used as a fashion accessory in bags and sandals.

As you can see from the above sections, scarves are quite flexible and versatile. You can use it the way you want to design your own fashion statement. Apart from being a great fashion accessory, scarves also help you style your hair in different ways. Today, with many bold prints and classic designs available, you only have to invest in those that match your style to ace your scarf look like a thorough professional!


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