Riding Safe With Protective Riding Gear

There are some things that beginners should know before you embark on your motorcycle riding. Many enjoy the freedom of riding a motorcycle, feeling the wind blowing on your face, and weaving past those cars held up by traffic congestion. Riding a motorcycle has its risk too. A motorcycle does not have the protective covering of a car and leave the motorcyclist fully exposed.

The basic motorcycle safety gear consists of a helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, pants, etc. as safety precaution to protect and reduce fatal injuries in case of accidents. The top priority is investing in good quality safety helmet and motorcycle clothing to protect against abrasion, broken bones, and bad weather condition.

Accident statistics show that in most motorcycle accidents, the head and face suffered the most injuries. That is the reason why the full face helmet is highly recommended, not only to protect the head and face, but also to keep the wind, bugs, particles from hitting your face or getting into your eyes to distract your focus on the road.


Always buy new helmet from a reputable retailer and don’t throw or drop your helmet. Find a helmet that fits your head perfectly, hold your head snugly without any uncomfortable pressure point. The helmet shouldn’t rotate loosely not should it be too tight.

Besides the safety helmet, another important item that a motorist should have is the riding jacket. Motorcycle jackets for men have been around for a long time. These days, jackets are made from high quality materials, in different designs, styles and colour. The riding jacket is to protect the arms, back, ribs, internal organ, etc. from injuries. The first thing to look for when choosing a riding jacket are the safety features, comfort before going for the style. Fashion leather jackets are nice but they are not strong enough to withstand the strong wind and impact of the crash.

Motorcycle jackets are made from either leather or textile. High quality textile materials are able to resist abrasion as strongly as leather. The jackets should be water-resistant to keep you dry in bad weather. Leather jackets are more durable and water resistant, whereas textile jackets are often more affordable. Always choose jackets with seams that are doubled up multiple times to prevent the stitching from bursting. The jacket should fit snugly and able to keep the cold wind out, at the same time well ventilated. Preferably the jacket should be armored with extra padding to absorb the impact in case of a crash.


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