Reasons Why Your Belly Fat Won’t Go Away

Everyone dreams to have the perfect summer body. Well, at least that is what they call it. Whatever your ideal summer body is but for most people that includes having a flat stomach. And for those that love going the extra mile we are talking about including a pack there whether four or six.

Remember how Usain Bolt used to look like? Because of his body structure, there was a value on sports betting on him. Lots of sports fans used to bet on him. This added an advantage to his career and betting odds.

And how annoying it is when this fails. Having a big saggy tummy is caused by a lot of things. But it is a well-known thing that when you work out it is supposed to go away. Now that is where you are wrong because not all the time. Failing to get rid of that stubborn pudge? There you have come to the right place!

What Are You Doing Wrong?

Lose the belly fat and do a little bit of strength training they say. But do they really get into depth? That is pretty much true that you have to train to lose it. But are you working out the right parts? Most of the videos and articles tell you to do sit ups but truth be told nothing will change if you do not sweat for it, literally. It is not a sweat workout without sweat.

Work, finances, kids, relationships you name it can be stressful. But do not let that get in the way and stop you from having a killer summer body. Just like how you shouldn’t let people get in the way of your love of mobile sports book on your smartphone. Yes, you heard that right stress makes your belly fat get comfortable on your body. When you are stressed your hormones are into play. And they enlarge your fat cells and there you have it readers, the belly will be stuck with you for a long time.

Your Body Needs Saturated Fats

How can one need fats when you are trying to get rid of them? It is simple, fats come in different forms and different categories, and there are some fats that your body needs and some your body can do without and some that are harmful for you. According to researchers your body feeds from monounsaturated fats. Have a handful of nuts or a quarter of an avocado and you won’t regret it.

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