Living Abroad: The Benefits For Your Kids

Whether you’re planning a move to another nation for work reasons or you simply want to enjoy a new lifestyle or climate, there are lots of reasons to make a big move overseas. But an often-overlooked extra reason to do so is the impact it can have on your kids. From helping them to learn a new language to giving them the chance to meet new people with whom they’d never otherwise come into contact, the advantages are endless. Here are some of the top reasons to treat your kids to a spell living abroad.

Language skills

Children can learn languages no matter where in the world they are, of course – and there may even be some advantages to picking up formal language skills in a classroom rather than in the slang-filled streets. But there are many reasons to give kids the chance to learn in a country which speaks the language in question, too. Not only does it mean they can practice as often as possible, they can also develop a “listening ear” which allows them to discern words and phrases in a more authentic way.

Broadening their horizons

Living abroad means that you have to immerse yourself in a different culture, and one of the main ways in which this manifests itself is in the broad spectrum of people you’re likely to meet. Whether it’s people who follow a different religion to the one you grew up in, or people who have a completely different mode of working or living to those back in your home country, there’s a lot of diversity in the world. For a child, seeing this can be a formative experience – and it’s one that is likely to help them grow up into more tolerant, kind-hearted adults who are accepting of differences.

Types of schooling

Going to school in another country helps a child to learn about differences between nations in a positive and practical way, and it also helps them to realize that there is more than one way to do things, like learn to read and write. But giving your child a diverse educational experience doesn’t mean that you need to risk immersing them in a curriculum that they won’t be able to follow. Stamford American’s Hong Kong school offers a range of classes that your child would receive back in America, including athletics, science and math. This means that your child can get an international education in a format that will build upon their prior experiences.

Spending some time abroad as a child can be a very powerful experience, and it’s one that many parents choose to offer their children. The benefits for a child can be immense, ranging from an appreciation of different cultures to a broad and diverse friendship group that can set them up for life. By choosing the right sort of school and supporting kids in their language learning efforts, you can ensure that they make the most of this great experience.

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