How To Transform Your Home With Colour

You don’t need to go through an extensive list of costly renovations and remodels in order to transform your home. You can completely revamp the exterior and interior of your property with a few clever pops of colour.

 For Outside Of The House

You should pick hues that draw a lot of attention when you are redecorating the front of your house —

bold colours will make your property stand out in the neighbourhood and entice buyers if you are thinking of making a sale. Design experts believe that one of the best ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal is to have a front entrance door in a bright and jaw-dropping colour like turquoise or sunshine yellow. For a noticeable upgrade, you can replace your old entry door with a brand-new one from a dedicated Kitchener doors company like Golden Windows. They carry high-quality aluminum-clad steel and fiberglass doors that come in a variety of colour options like amazon green, tile red, silver metallic and old world blue. If you are worried that this selection isn’t wide enough, there is always the option to make Kitchener custom doors in other colours that you like — this company will offer the latest in door design trends and preferences so that homeowners can have the front entrance that they really want.

 For Inside Of The House

Many interior designers recommend that renovators and homeowners be careful about choosing colours for rooms and hallways because the wrong decisions could ruin the atmosphere of a space. If you are planning on repainting a bedroom and decide on a bold shade of red paint, you might regret it — while reds are beautiful, they can be agitating on such a large scale, which is why they are often used for accents instead full makeovers. You would be better off choosing paints in whites, blues or greens for your bedroom because they will make you feel calm and relaxed.

Colour Psychology

Colours can have very powerful effects on people, whether they are conscious of the impact or not — this phenomenon is often called colour psychology because certain hues can influence emotions, induce comfort, inspire creativity and even upset people. With the right can of paint, you can transform your living room to make guests feel at ease, you can motivate your work ethic in your home office and much more. If you want to know just what specific shades and hues can do for your property, you should read some of the most popular options below:


Colour: Colour Associations:
Yellow Happy and Inviting
Red Stimulating and Intense
Purple Regal and Sophisticated
Blue Calm and Tranquil
Orange Energetic and Warm
Green Relaxing and Revitalizing
White Clean and Comforting
Brown Earthy and Welcoming


Swapping your front entry door with a daring replacement could make your home the envy of the entire block. Adding a fresh coat of paint to your bedroom, could make you feel calm and collected every night before you go to sleep. One simple colour switch will do more than revamp the look of your indoor and outdoor spaces, it will also change the impressions that they give.

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