How to Make Your Basement Airbnb-Worthy

Basements are a super-popular Airbnb listing. Especially if your basement has a private entrance and exit, it can be a great way to rent out a lesser-used area of your home and provide someone with a place to stay, even if it’s just for a very short period of time. Whether you’re thinking about actually listing your basement or you just want an upscale basement to enjoy yourself, here are some tips to take from some of the coolest basements on Airbnb.

1. Choose a Theme

Having a theme in mind can be a great way to make sure your final product looks amazing. Do you want a Southern look? Are you interested in a Bohemian style? Do you love the look of artists’ lofts? Regardless of what the style ends up being, the point of the matter is that you need a style of some kind. Consider looking on social media and Airbnb to find different styles that interest you.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Although it’s popular to have basements and home designs that are mostly neutral with one or two pops of color, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to a largely neutral color palette for a gorgeous basement. Instead, it’s possible to use every color of the rainbow and still have an appealing basement. You just need to make sure you’re placing that color appropriately. Use color in a confident, knowledgeable fashion to make your area really pop.

3. Make the Area Eclectic

Eclectic designs are some of the best designs because they showcase that a real person had a hand in the designing. Maybe you want to add some cute throw pillows, maybe you want to add some interesting rugs, or maybe you like the idea of a TV with plenty of video game systems hooked up to it. Regardless of what “eclectic” means for you, there are many ways to enjoy yourself while you design. Take advantage of them for a better space.

4. Infuse Your Spirit Into Your Basement

Remember, people don’t necessarily want to walk into a basement that looks like it’s staged for a magazine photoshoot. Sure, photoshoot-ready basements serve their purpose, and some historic homes even rent out their picturesque basements for professional photoshoots, but if you’re planning to actually use the area, you want to have some of yourself as part of the design. Make sure you leave your mark with your unique design choices as you decide on your basement décor.


It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re actually going to list your basement on Airbnb. The sheer variety of Airbnb basements means that anyone can find something to appreciate and put in their own basement design choices. Remember that a beautiful basement starts with a healthy basement. If you’re interested in decorating your basement, have a basement expert come by first to assess the basement’s health. After all, it’s always easier to fix problems before your fully furnished basement floods instead of afterward.


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