How To Find Cheap Delivery Jobs? 

Whether for a small business or an established business, the shipping expense has always been a concern. Having a good shipping rate list and shipping strategy is very important to get your company’s perfect profit margin. Still, most resourceful entrepreneurs manage to use some smart tactics and leverage the shipping cost.

In this post, we will discuss the best ways that will help you in getting cheap delivery jobs. You will also learn about the various shipping bids that will again leverage your shipping or delivery costs.


Best ways to save on delivery jobs

Mentioned below are the best ways with the help of which you can leverage your shipping or delivery costs up to a great extent.

1. Try to negotiate with multiple carriers

Different shipping companies have different delivery rates. This rate list depends on the factors like distance, volume, time of delivery, and the best time of the year. The fact is clear that the more you ship, the lower the rate is. You can negotiate your rates with different shipping companies. Make sure you ship more frequently to build a great communication base with the delivery company and you.

2. Use packaging provided by your carrier

If you use your packaging, that will only increase your shipping charges. Therefore, it is a great idea to use the shipping packaging that the carrier provides you with. Also, if you use your packaging, you might get to pay surplus dimensional fees if your box size exceeds the box size according to UPS and FedEx guidelines. To avoid these extra charges, it is better to use the packaging provided by the carrier.

3. Use online shipping services

One of the best ways to save on postal service shipping is to pay for your shipping services online. This will help save flat 16 percent on priority mail orders and up to 60 percent on express mail. You can also get free pick up service, priority mails, and organized maintenance data with the online payment of shipping service.

4.   Important factors to consider in shipping fees before you create bills of your customers

Make sure to consider these factors before you create the invoice for your customers. Different courier services have more than 75 special charges. These charges include fuel surcharges, extra fee when the signature of the recipient is required. Or extra delivery fees to deliver the product on a specific day or time. If your customers are paying for shipping, make sure to include these charges.



You can search for the best shipping bids available on load boards and easily get the cheapest delivery jobs. You can log in to various load boards, which you can easily find by searching on Google. Ensure you include these best tips to leverage the shipping and delivery costs for yourself and your customers. These tips will eventually help maintain the perfect profit margins for your company and will take your small business startup to a better level with these smart shipping tactics.

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