Getting Rejected After a Pitch to Investors Isn’t Always a Terrible Thing

white wooden table with six chairs

There’s no need to feel terrible if your pitch to investors didn’t get accepted. There are tons of possible reasons why investors decided to decline your offer. It doesn’t mean that you did a terrible job. Perhaps, they have a different idea regarding where to invest, and your pitch didn’t match their portfolio. There’s someone out there who will believe in you and think that your pitch makes sense.

white wooden table with six chairs

Investors are cautious

Investors might be wealthy, but they’re not willing to throw away whatever money they have. They’re also careful about deciding how to spend it and whom to trust. You need to earn the trust of these investors if you want them to give you a part of their wealth.

You also need to understand that these investors might have had a terrible experience in the past. It’s not easy for them to trust anyone since they know that things might not go the way they hoped. Therefore, even if you feel like you already did everything well, it still might not pass the standards set by the investors.

A challenge to do better

The rejected pitch signals that you have to do a better job next time. Instead of sulking about it, you can use the experience to help you come up with better ideas. If you can ask the investors for reasons about the rejection, it would help. Some of them might even have been close to accepting your pitch, but you missed some details. Next time, you might find someone to accept your pitch.

There’s a better investor out there

Although you try your best to please the investors, it doesn’t mean any investor is good. Some of them might have difficult conditions that you couldn’t meet. It could even be a blessing that your pitch got denied by the investors you met since there’s a chance that you will find someone better. Eventually, you will find an investor who will believe in you and the plans you want to realize.

Prepare well

If you have an upcoming pitch, you need to prepare for it. Make sure that you endear yourself to the investors. Find a way to give them what they want to hear. Most of them want an assurance that their investment won’t go to waste. If you can provide better reasons for them to invest in your ideas and prove that you have enough business experience, you’re on the right track.

Keep working hard

Don’t give up after the first rejection. Work harder to refine your ideas. Look for better presentation details to appeal to the investors. Use colourful images and simplify the text. You can also invest in a projector wall mount so that the meeting room where you pitch the idea looks more professional.

Several successful entrepreneurs out there also started out like you. They tried their best to win the hearts of possible investors, but they failed at first. Eventually, they found the perfect partner and are now running a great business.


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