Garry Y Itkin Expounds How Working Out Improves Your Health

Staying healthy is essential for healthy living. Poor health means poor performance. To enhance your health and well-being, it is crucial to engage in some physical pursuits – like regular exercise and workouts. Sadly, sedentary pastimes, such as watching television, surfing the internet, and increasing addiction to smartphones, video games, and other modes of entertainment, have caused a sizable portion of people to turn away from physical activities.

What exercise Can Be Good for You

The benefits of physical exercise and regular workouts are hard to deny. Adding as little as half an hour to your daily routine for physical training will not only help burn your calories but also sharpen your mental functioning and improve your sex life. Besides, it helps cure a whole lot of dangerous ailments, including diabetes, depression, heart disease, and several types of cancer. Weight gain is a serious problem common to all. As Garry Y Itkin, the expert health professional rightly points out, over-eating, lack of physical movements, excessive sugar intake and other bad habits – all combine to cause weight gain or obesity. Regular exercise can help control your weight, reduce stress, and lift your mood.

Fighting Disease with Aerobic Activity:

Aerobic exercise is an integral part of any fitness program. Nearly all of the research regarding the potential health benefits of exercise focuses on cardiovascular activity, which includes walking, swimming, jogging, and cycling. Working out at moderate intensity helps quicken your breathing, providing the desired health benefits.

Protecting Bone with Strength Training:

Nothing can help build muscle and protect bone better than strength or resistance training, such as elastic band workouts and the use of weight machines for free weights.

As you grow old, your bone starts to weaken due to calcium deficit. Strength training can help reduce the loss or sometimes even reverse this trend. Apart from improving your overall appearance, it can also lead to better performance of everyday activities, such as moving up and downstairs, carrying loads, walking at a brisk speed, or other critical physical pursuits. Stronger muscles improve mobility and balance. On top of that, regular exercise reduces the risk of falling and injuring yourself.

Alleviating Back Pain with Flexibility Exercises:

Stretching or flexibility training plays a vital role in keeping you fit and healthy. As our muscles tend to shorten and weaken with age, shorter and stiffer muscles make us predisposed to injuries, back pain, and stress. The best way to counteract this process will be by performing exercises that isolate and stretch the elastic fibers surrounding the muscles and tendons. People can improve their posture and balance by practicing specific exercises and performing some stretch training.

Preventing Falls with Balance Exercises:

Due to the old age, bones tend to lose strength. The loss of strength often causes people to lose balance and fall over. Regular performing balance exercises can help protect against falls that lead to major or minor injury – sometimes permanent disability. Just give yourself at least five minutes for balance exercises. Many strength training exercises also serve as balance exercises, such as tai chi, yoga, and pilates.

Promoting Restful Sleep with A Bout of Vigorous Physical Exercise:

Working out a considerable period not just helps burn your calories but also make you fall asleep easier and experience deeper sleep. Sleep is essential to help the body repair itself. When you are in a sound sleep, you are less likely to wake up during the night. Studies show that exercise and sound sleep are linked as essential to overall health.

Boosting Your Energy:

Vigorous physical exercise delivers oxygen to tissues and organs. This helps the heart work more efficiently as well as the lungs. A super-efficient heart and lungs can render more energy, and thus reducing your stress. The best way to combat fatigue is by boosting energy with regular and daily exercise.


Keeping in good shape is essential to living a healthy and happy life. Needless to say, the secret to staying happy and healthy is to perform regular exercise. Regular physical pursuits not only help you control weight and improve your resistance but also keep you both physically and mentally healthy and stable.

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