Are You Planning to Travel World on a Budget

Whether you are a gap year student looking for a life-changing experience or simply somebody who needs to see the world, this article should be right up your street. You see, there simply is no substitute for travelling and even if you aren’t exactly rich, there should be an amazing group of countries just waiting for you to visit them. Here we’ll discuss how anybody with a pulse can jump aboard and travel the world without breaking the bank. We’ll offer hints and tips that will help you every step of the way.

  • Do Work While Travelling

So, if you are concerned about spending your life savings whilst seeing the world, why not look into doing some casual work at the same time? Do some research on the countries that you are visiting, and you may be surprised to learn that plenty of work opportunities are there so long as you are prepared to put yourself out. Fruit picking is a great way to earn a few pounds whilst making new friends and you can also find places that will allow you to stay for free. Places like Israel are famous for their Kibbutz but these days you will be able to find similar setups all over the Mediterranean countries.

  • Pack Your Bags Light

Unless you intend spending your time in plush hotels, it is likely that you will be moving around quite often. For this reason, packing light is something that needs to be considered. Lightweight suitcases are an excellent way to do just that and they still provide safe storage for your possessions. You never know what lovely things you may find on your trip and having somewhere decent to keep them will certainly be appreciated by the time you return home.

  • Take an RV Road Trip

Without a doubt, driving around a new country has to be one of the most fun ways to see new places. Why not combine it with a handy place to stay and hire or buy an RV for the duration? There are hundreds of places that you will be able to park up for the night and some of them will not charge you a thing! RVs are more popular than ever and so many world travellers are now waking up to the fact that you can write off those hotel costs by investing the money into one of these amazing vehicles. Once you return from your travels, you can simply sell the RV or perhaps keep it until the next adventure!

  • Do Freelancing for different work

The beauty of the internet allows millions of us to work wherever we feel and that works just as well for world travellers. Take your laptop with you or buy one along the way and use one of the many sites that offer work for those with transferable skills. You needn’t be an IT expert, just be able to write a little content or perhaps do some product reviews and the rewards will help to finance your world travelling rather nicely.

We do hope that you enjoyed our little article and the tips about how to make that world trip more of a reality than a dream. Please let us know how you get on and the best of luck!

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