Top Tips For Traveling On A Budget Revealed

Taking a road trip doesn’t have to put you in debt, especially if you go by motorcycle. In fact, many motorcyclists make a lifestyle of traveling the country, while living on a fixed or limited income. By knowing where to cut expenses, you can spend as much time as you want on the road.

Get the Right Insurance

The first thing you will want to do is ensure your bike is covered by the right insurance policy. While you can search online for cheap insurance quotes for a motorcycle, keep in mind that you shouldn’t stick to the minimum coverage required by your state of residence. Spending more time on the road means you’ll be increasing your risks of an accident, breakdown, or other roadside emergencies. Obtaining comprehensive coverage and adding roadside assistance will be worthwhile. Before you head out on the road, do your research to find the best possible insurance quotes for a motorcycle you can find.

Don’t Forget Fuel

Other expenses that you can’t outrun on the road are those related to gassing up your bike and keeping it running. While you won’t find free gas anywhere, there are a number of apps that can point you to the cheapest places for gas in a given area. This helps you avoid overpaying at the last minute, while you’re far from home.

Maintaining Your Bike

Another cost that you can’t escape is maintenance, but you can limit what you have to spend by learning how to perform certain repairs and services for yourself. Watch your mechanic do oil changes and tune-ups, so you can do them on the road without professional help. Anything you can do yourself will help you avoid paying the high labor costs of a mechanic.

Plan Your Accommodations

Many motorcyclists save a great deal of money by camping out for free. You can visit to help you locate free and low-cost campgrounds in the areas you’re traveling. If you prefer more modern amenities, search online for hostels in the areas, which allow you to rent a bed in a dorm for just a few dollars a night.

Make Your Own Meals

Food is another concern when you’re attempting to travel on a budget. People stop at fast food restaurants without even giving it a thought, while they travel. This can be a mistake. The money you spend on one small meal can often buy you enough food at a grocery store or farmer’s market to feed you a few times. Buying your groceries will also help you eat healthier.

Skip the Paid Attractions as Much as Possible

The whole point of your road trip is to see more of the country and experience different cultures. You can do that without spending money on overpriced tours, especially if you keep your smartphone handy. Using your GPS and various apps, which are often published by each city’s chamber of commerce or local government, you can see everything a guided tour would offer. Additionally, you can search for free or cheap events in the area and those activities may provide you a much more realistic and exciting glimpse of local culture than commercial tourist attractions would provide.

Once you have practical concerns addressed, such as insurance and accommodations, you’ll be better able to formulate a workable budget. This will help you determine which expenses are unavoidable and which ones can be reduced or eliminated. By following your budget, you’ll have a more accurate accounting of your expenses and you may be able to set aside more money for the things you really do want to do.


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