Why Camping is the Perfect Activity for 2020

person lying inside tent and overlooking mountain

We’re all spending our year a little differently than we thought we might be – but that doesn’t mean that we have to totally write off fun! Camping is the ideal way of incorporating safe social distancing, health and adventure for 2020. You’ll get outside (yes, outside!) amongst nature and have a beautiful time with your nearest and dearest, just as long as you keep your wits about you and follow those guidelines. Here’s why and how to go camping successfully this season…

person lying inside tent and overlooking mountain

Fresh Air

It sounds simple, but fresh air has kind of become one of the most precious things in the world right now. Everyone who’s cooped up in their homes needs a breath of fresh air from time to time, that’s obvious, however, really getting out there and immersing yourself in nature – even just for one day – is going to benefit you to no end. That bright sunshine, brisk winter air and all the unimaginable natural beauty that’s waiting out there for you is enough to get you through any length of quarantine!

Discover your State

Regardless of the status of your state, it’s a very good idea – in fact, an essential idea – to keep it close to home and venture the state that you call home. We’re all so keen to explore those locations that are on our bucket list, overseas or interstate, that we often forget about all of the amazing spots that are just down the road! Explore your home state in close proximity to your house to ensure that you won’t be caught out should the situation take a turn for the worse. Our circumstances really are changing from minute to minute right now, so you have to factor in the potential need for fast movements.

Enjoy your Free Time

Again, another obvious one but oh wow is it important to differentiate between your professional life and your free time right now. Working from home has its merits but it is so much to ask to compare mentalist work and play when you’re cramming all of your activities into four walls. A short but sweet camping trip will make you feel like you’ve had a real break over the weekend dare you say, even a mini holiday! Enjoy yourself and make the most out of your time away from that desk of yours.

How to Go Camping in 2020…

Now that you’re convinced of the benefits that camping has to offer, it’s time to figure out how to go about it!

Invest in the Lifestyle

You’re going to need a self contained home away from home to spend your time in whilst you’re camping. Look at investing in a camper trailer to give you all of the resources, comforts, practicalities and freedoms you could possibly need. If you plan on really getting stuck into some adventure, buy yourself a camper with the capacity to drive off road – you’ll be able to venture wherever you please, long term!

Preparedness is Key

Pack properly – this means face masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and antibacterial wipes. Staying as attentive and thoughtful as possible is key to minimising the risk of yourself and anyone you come into contact with. Of course, the typical camping packing and food preparations are still important, don’t forget about those!

Stay Informed and Do your Research

Lastly, do some homework before you go (anywhere, really) out on the road with the intent to camp. Follow government guidelines and community recommendations to ensure that you’re being as kind to yourself and your fellow humans as possible.

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