Traveling Post Pandemic Covid-19? 5 Things to Carry

In the current climate, the entire world is affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. Also known as the coronavirus, countries around the world seeing businesses shut down and people staying home in an effort to avoid catching the deadly virus. If you find that you must travel away from home during this time, it is important to have the essentials with you. Below are a few examples of what you should take based on your travel needs.

Food and Beverages

To begin, it is a good idea to have food and beverages with you in your vehicle. This can be a simple stock of food supplies in case you are stuck where you are traveling. Let’s say you are going out of town for work. If you manage to end up in a quarantined area, then you may be stuck for a while. Having a few supplies will be helpful in this scenario.

You can easily store these items in promotional tote bags , sectioning off snacks from drinks. Store these items in the back of your car for safe keeping during travel.

Essential Items

It is also important to consider essential items like toilet paper and paper towels. It doesn’t hurt to have these supplies on hand, again if you were to become stranded where you are based on a quarantine situation. In most cases, you would be able to come back home, but having these items in general is a good idea.

Proper Paperwork

In some areas, travel is restricted. People who are working during the Covid-19 outbreak may be asked why they are in a certain area of the country. If you are traveling to high risk areas, you may be asked for paperwork or identification. Be sure that you are traveling with what you need to get where you are going. Hospitals are restricting who goes in and out so if you are medical personal or work inside a building in another capacity, you may be asked to identify yourself.


When traveling, you will also need to take your medication. If you take daily medicine, have a few days on hand when traveling, just in case. In a pandemic situation, it is always best to overthink your packing, so you are prepared in any scenario.


If you absolutely must travel at this time and you are in an at-risk category, such as low immune system or a senior citizen, it is recommended that you travel with a mask. Certain masks work better than others for protection from the virus but covering your face at all can be helping in avoiding contamination.

Overall, you must be prepared when traveling during the pandemic. This is a scary time and there are a lot of unknowns. If you are prepared, then you can get where you are going and have piece of mind knowing you have what you need, if you need it. Pack well and expect delays or certain issues such as having to provide identification or take other routes when traveling in high affected areas.


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