6 Luxurious Perks of Yacht Charter Holidays



If you have yet to go on a holiday this year, then treat this as a sign. You deserve a break! And no break is better than a deeply rewarding and uniquely refreshing yacht charter holiday. Now is the best time to enjoy the beach, the sun, and the sea through sailing!

Multiple studies have shown that time away from one’s job and daily grind results in massive physical and mental health benefits. Time off away from the hustle and bustle of every day allows people to find their center, reconnect with their joy, and fully recharge. People who intentionally schedule holidays all have a better outlook on life and are more motivated. They also have lower levels of stress and stronger immune systems.

But why a yacht charter holiday?

Well, simply because it is the ultimate activity when it comes to holidays. It takes away all the usual stress and concern that regular holidayers have. It also triples the joy and relaxation for all. Why? Well, because it is ultra-luxurious and it will simply spoil you to the bones! This is why all the world’s richest have their own yacht and why all your favorite celebrities always enjoy a quick yacht charter holiday every single year! Companies like Simpson Yacht Charter truly make sure that yacht charter holidayers have everything that they need and more.

5 Luxurious Perks of Yacht Charter Holidays

You will amazingly feel relaxed and rejuvenated during your yacht charter holiday because you will enjoy the following luxurious perks:

Luxurious Perk #1: You will have full control of the pace of your holiday.

The thing that can be stressful with regular holidays is that you need to consider other people’s schedules. You need to observe time limits, opening and closing hours, and even cut-off periods for buffets. All can be quite a bummer and effectively remove the true feeling of ease and relaxation that holidays should have. Such is not a thing with yacht charter holidays. A yacht charter holiday will allow you to take all the time you need. You will get to pick your own schedule and your own pace. You can choose to fill a day with action-packed activities or simply read by the beach all day. All will be under your full control. No one will tell you if your time is up. You will get to decide it!

Luxurious Perk #2: 24/7 Spa

Holidayers love spas! No holiday is complete without one full day spent in spas enjoying scrubs, saunas, and massages. The good thing with yacht charter holidays is you can have all the spa sessions you’d ever need on any given day. Yacht charters come with full spa amenities. You can bring as many massage therapists and aestheticians during your sailing getaway. On a yacht charter holiday, you can choose to begin and end your day with a massage. Now that is the sweet life!

Luxurious Perk #3: Relaxing Spaces

A yacht charter holiday will give you all the space you’d ever need to truly relax. You’d feel the thrilling luxury of being fully in control of the space you’d use and need. Yacht charters come with the following amenities that you and your family will extremely enjoy:

  • lounging deck
  • saloons
  • cinema spaces
  • stateroom cabins
  • spa
  • sauna
  • hot tub
  • silent disco
  • swim platforms
  • gym
  • full kitchen
  • private bar


Luxurious Perk #4: Your Own Crew

A yacht charter will have you do nothing at all. You won’t have to stress over your room or look after anything because you will have a dedicated crew that will take care of everything you’d need. You’d have a crew that will take care of all your sailing needs and a staff that will look after the yacht and all your concerns. You can even request additional crew if you’d want a private trainer or a particular massage therapist. With a crew that will do everything for you, you will have all your pillows plumped, clothes washed and ironed and food served anytime.

Luxurious Perk #5: Beach, Please

You will enjoy limitless time by the beach! As you won’t have to wait for anyone, you’d be free to go from one beach to another at any given time. As you’d be the boss, you can choose to lay by the beach all day while having your food and beverage served. A yacht charter will have you enjoy just about any island that you want to explore. You’d even get to access secluded beaches that regular tourists are not even aware of.

Luxurious Perk #6: Private Chef

Holidays are fun because you’d get a total break from having to worry about what to eat and when to prepare what you’re going to eat. Yacht charters double such joy because you’d have access to your very own private chef. Your private chef will cook anything and everything that you’d ever want. As you’d be hopping from one island to another, you could easily have your private chef cook any fresh catch that you can avail of on an island stop. Yacht charters are planned ahead of time. You’d get to enjoy delicious food and beverages 24/7 because you’d get to answer a preference sheet where you’d enlist your food orders and requests. You can easily choose to go vegan or full Italian while you’re on a yacht charter holiday!

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