Trend Alert: Swimsuits That Will Triumph This Season

If you have planned a trip to the beach or the pool for this weekend or the next few months, be sure to check the trends in swimsuits

The best season begins to take a few days off and go to the beach or pool to clear our heads. If you have planned a getaway to a paradisiacal place this weekend or the next few months, you will surely be looking for inspiration for your beach looks.

As we know that the bikini swimsuits is the key garment for these occasions, we have gathered the coolest models that will be a trend in spring and we will give you some tips so that you can make your best choice.

Cut out pieces steal all the attention and classic black abounds more than ever in modern silhouettes. Bright colors such as intense green and feminine details such as ruffles and sleeves cannot be missing in the most elegant proposals.


The most imposing trend in fashion at the moment. It stays a while longer in pieces like dresses and tops, so it’s not surprising that cut-out swimsuits have a strong presence this season, some more revealing than others, but mostly with elegant proposals.

One shoulder

One-piece swimsuits or bikinis with asymmetrical tops are also among the most outstanding trends of the spring season. It is a modern and sensual proposal, which favors many body types. Girls with medium and large busts just need to make sure the piece is well supported.


There is always a space in fashion for glitter. In addition to the traditional metallics like gold, bronze and silver that some already choose because they are part of their style, in the spring and summer of 2022 you can go a little more colorful with sparkly sparkles.

Green on trend

Green is the color of spring this year. It is impressive how it stands out in the collections of great designers and clothing stores, it is a very lively tone that you can now incorporate into your beach looks.

Classic black, not so classic

Black is a color that is always in fashion, because it is neutral, timeless and very combinable. We believe that none of us can miss a swimsuit in this tone. But, in 2022 we just have to take a look at new silhouettes, with sleeves, cut out, with ruffles, super sexy, with multiple straps that hug the body… Depending on your style, you can choose the most authentic model in the most classic color.

With short sleeves

We recently saw the elegant Martha Debayle in a swimsuit that stood out for its short, voluminous sleeves. We think it is a very successful detail for those who want to look very chic, you just have to be careful with tan marks. This type of design is also ideal to wear as a body or top and available on Kameymall.

High waist bikini

This model will not cease to be among the favorites of the season, although we already know that it is a classic. Its cut flatters most body types and provides a very cool retro touch at any age.

Tips for choosing your swimsuit

  • -If your back is wider than your hips, leave details like ruffles and prints for the bottom part.
  • -If, on the other hand, your hips are wider than your shoulders, leave these details for the upper part.
  • -If you have little bust you can wear tops with details such as ruffles and large prints.
  • -Girls with large busts should choose, yes or yes, models with good support; the halter neckline (tied at the neck) is very good. If you don’t want to add more volume to that part, avoid flashy prints and ruffles.
  • -If you have a rectangular body, the trikini model will create the visual illusion of curves.
  • -Those who want to hide the abdomen, avoid designs with belts so as not to draw attention to that area. Some jumpsuits with draping can look good. If you love bikinis, with a high waist and a retro touch they are perfect.


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