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Whale tail salute

Haunui update
S3 0Deg47min W176 Deg39min

Hundreds of miles from land and we get a drive-by from a pod of dolphins slicing their way thru the gunmetal grey waves as squalls whip around our ears. Fantastic.

I forgot to tell you about our whale too. The day before yesterday we had a small female humpback (I reckon) spouting about 300m off our starboard bow. She puffed out half a dozen slow whale breaths and then flicked up her tail in salute and disappeared beneath the surface. It’s very cool to see our brothers and sisters of the sea cruising around way out here.

We sailed right in the middle of the fleet last night. The watch leaders kept us in our place beautifully and I slept the sleep of the dead for so long I felt guilty (its all relative).
it’s been a fairly cruisy day, bit of rain, bit of wind, nothing too nasty. We picked up a couple of the film crew this arvo. Peter and Katie. Papa and Vada, 2 of the PNG Boe’s (Boe is their surname) have got a holiday on Evohe, one of our support boats, to make space.
They’re great people and the film/doco is really the whole reason this project has happened so it’s nice to be able to welcome them onboard.

We hooked up a fish this arvo. Unfortunately we didn’t notice until later on when we found the reel stripped. Fast boat speed and big fish are not a good combination. The handlines, while less sophisticated are heavy duty and nothing much gets away. Maybe tomorrow. Plenty more fish in the sea as they say.

And on that note I’ll leave you and get into my stuffed pepper and other bits. Still eating like kings (and queens). Although the table is a bit wobblier.

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