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We started with a dream

You must be dreaming. Are you joking? Get that idea out of your head and get back to what you were doing. Have you heard this somewhere before? Sometimes the seed of the idea, the beginning of the dream, ends right there. But then maybe it could sound like “hang on a minute I can do that”. I could go to the library, I could look on the internet, I can talk or mix with people who know. I can ready myself or do some training, I can advertise myself to the right people.

Listening to some of the crew in the fleet and here on Gaualofa has been humbling in this respect. Same but different. The same is, whether intentional or not most of us voyagers started with a dream then tried real hard to make it a reality. Different is , our separate journeys and reasons, which could be, to travel, to find my heritage, to experience life on a traditional canoe, traditional navigation, ocean conservation, to be an example for family….. Your reason is yours and so is your dream. Fight for it. Anyway Anama is here and says she can’t wait to get to Tuvalu so she can have a snowflake. We are really looking forward to arriving in Tuvalu with just 150 nm to go and meeting with the people. Also having our first land wish. Mine is to drink a coconut, oh oh I am getting more, Lole says his is pavlova , John wants a coconut crab, Bruce wants fruit like maybe an orange, Kim wants a freshly baked chocolate chippie and cold milk, Jordan wants green tea icecream with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. Taleni wants pig ears. Senio wants ufi.

Andrew Banse and Gaualofa  crew

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