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Vaka Motu ‘Rangi’, May 1

Kia ora koutou katoa

Well, yesterday was definitely one of our most challenging days. Although the winds were favourable they sometimes gusted up to 30 knots at times which is a bit too much for our little waka to cope with. We had been sailing with 2 reefs on the main and 1 reef on the jib but yet we still seemed to be pumping along at an average speed of 6-7 knots.

The sea itself was a bit unsettled with swells up to 3-4 meters in height and although there was a tendency to surf the swells, caution prevailed. It was a challenge just to move from one side of the waka to the other as the waka pitched all over the place making it hard to maintain ones balance. On top of it all there were times when the odd wave dumped itself on the waka, saturating anyone not quick enough to seek shelter. The time is 2.35am on a Thursday and we are approx 540nm from Papeete.

Each new day brings renewed vigor to the crew knowing they are getting close to journeys end, each trying to guess what day we will arrive. However, all of us know that anything can happen to delay an arrival such as no wind, rough conditions, gear failure, etc. In addition with thoughts on the pending arrival crew must constantly remind themselves not to become complacent in their watches and maintain the discipline that has got them across Te Moana Nui a Kiwa to this point.

Yesterday a haka was composed specifically for the waka and over the next few days the rest of the crew will learn the words and actions. We anticipate that some form of welcoming ceremony will await us on arrival, therefore not to be caught short we will have the haka sorted before then.

As mentioned in the last blog our luck changed and Tangaroa made an offering for substance which has kept the crew happy for the meantime. So the corn beef recipes have been put away for the next day or so and we’ll just have to survive on fried and raw fish with rice. Incidently the fish caught was approx 45-50 kgs. I suspect the weight of that fish will increase after a few Hinano’s on land.

Position: 25 48.52S  152 17.61W
Time: 0800
Speed: 6.5 knts
Wind: 20-25 knts ESE
Course: 20 knts
Swell:3m SE
Cloud Cover: 100% full cloud with rain squalls upping the wind 10knts

Blog written by Pererika

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