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Vaka Motu 'Okeanos', April 26

Aling, Ki ora , Evohe, Bula to our family out there,

Every new day we learn something new out here. This voyage has taught us in
many ways and brings us a better understanding of our environment.

Last week we were working with a research team studying the reef, taking pictures and
collecting data. They even guided us and taught us what to do. My brother Jonhy is
always afraid of sharks. I don’t know why, he will be on board most of the
time. Kaips is alway back in the days, my elders do this and that. Iva is always on
board because she doesn’t want her hair to get wet.

Few days ago we sailed back from Kayagan and we saw a dead Sperm Whale. All of us were down when we saw this whale. Whale is one of our voyage Kopapa and means alot to us. We reported the dead whale to the rangers, and at Palau Marine Resources it was also reported that a whale beached on the east side of Palau, 50 nm away from the one we had seen. What might have happened to these whales, two on the same day? Did they die because of a sickness, or what affected them?! It was a big question to us.

Everybody is fine up north and doing great.

Warm regards to our voyaging family around the teitei moce mada..

Iva, Johny, Kaips, Steven…

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