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Vaka "Hine Moana": Winds

Here we are again another day on tongaroa look over the side and there you are looking back at yourself, yes mirror calm.

We have been electric sailing from 21.00 and all morning.
Crew are using still conditions to clean out waka and dry gear ready for our arrival.
The silver lining in the cloudless sky is our solar panels are pumping out power to drive our electric motors and us along at 3knts.

So we keep coming towards Aotearoa silently leaving no fossil foot print on our ocean, making the reflections we see on the surface smile back at us.

Position S32 50.  E 179 14.
Time 19.00
Course 220deg
Speed 3knts
Wind 000000
Swell nil

Hine Moana_Murray_131213

written by Hine Moana crew on December 11, 2013
picture copyright: Murray Watson

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