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Vaka "Hine Moana" on its way to New Zealand

Time 1400hours 2:00 pm
Heading 210 T speed 7.5 knots NE wind
location Lats S 22.10.55′
Long W 176 02.60

We left Nukualofa last night at 11:00 pm, now we are 10nm to the NE of Ata
island with a total of 11 crew – 2 from NZ, 1 from Hawaii and 8 from Tonga,
and this is the first time for all large number of young women and young men
to experience and to prove what our ancestors had been done in many many
years ago! The youngest on board is Lusia Moa, female, age 15, and 5 crew
will be the first time sailing open ocean and be the first time on Hinemoana to NZ .

This is a very special trip for me to sail together with my daughter on a
traditional Vaka. Everyone fine, still no one seasick, but its more miles to go.
We got our first fish, a yellowfin got by Pulotu Vaki and Paea Teu.
Yeah, fresh ota ika for dinner.

So far, send all our love to all our family and friends on the land.

Malo aupito
Ofa lahi atu

Hine Moana 1

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