Vaka "Hine Moana": Malo e Lelei!! | Pacific Voyagers


Vaka "Hine Moana": Malo e Lelei!!

Time 19.00
Position:S 28 02 W 178 18
Wind:E 5-8knts
Swell:2 E Dropping

Hi everyone,

Im Meki and i guess its my turn to write the blog for today lols. I hope Sally and my brother got this message too:-). Its been a great slow hot day yay!! Mika,Kailin and Hemi just made a lovely dinner wohoo. Just finished doing laundry and the last time i ever did my own washing was last year on the same boat(Hinemoana) lols. At the moment we had the genica up and its good to gain a lil bit of a speed and looking forward to see Raoul  Island by tomorrow morning :-)We’re learning different language and hopefully we dont create our own language which a bit of a mixture between Tongan, Hawaiian and Maori.

We’ve caught a few Atu(skip jack) just enough for dinner and we’ll catch some more fresh fish for the next meal. Anyways, ofa atu to you all and catch you guys later :-)

Hine Moana 3

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