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Uto Ni Yalo Update: July 14/15

6am Captains update, July 15. 2015:

We have been boosting at an average speed of 7.5kts in the past 12hrs so some down wave runs of 15kts for a brief surf.

Happy to report that our crew are now voyagers and the sleeping pattern has normalized. however, some are saying that perhaps too much sleep with 5 hours on and 5 hour off which takes its toll but once the body adjusts it’s all good. The watch that’s knocking off usually spends about 30mins on deck to ensure a smooth handover, then heads down to crash out for the remaining rest time.

It’s getting warmer by the day, the wind chill is still pretty deadly at night, especially the early morning shifts. tonight we had cups of tea and cookies for dinner with heaps of catch up (on board) and laughter, all of that for dinner, really. and it’s amazing how full we got, both physically and mentally refreshed. now for some shut eye. crew good, vaka good. wind super good. biggest lolomas to everyone.

Uto 150715

6am Captains update, July 14, 2015:

Boosting along well for the past 24 hours as the wind has been blowing in our favorable so spirits are high on board as we sail closer to home.

There weather is still quite patchy with rain clouds on the horizon however we continue to cut the latitude and longitude as fast as we can. The 1st ship going by ahead of us today is a fishing vessel and we anticipate to see a bit more life around today and i was just telling crew on watch that it will be trash and plastic rather then fish and birds and dolphins. The fishing boat this morning just kinda makes that even a better chance.

We’ve been far from land for about a week now, we left on a south west wind then south, i noticed that we never had one bit of trash come our way,maybe winds are coming from New Zealand and the Tasman.

Trash in the ocean

As the Uto ni Yalo sailed more east, we begin to notice that the rubbish sighted is getting more frequent and its sad if this is the introduction into the pacific paradise, our island homes. its a sad trail to follow but truly unfortunate that this trails leads towards and into our islands.

i was chatting with fellow crew member Tia and Jason and asked them, what is back to reality? are we sailing back to reality (i.e main land issues and life on land) or are we sailing out of reality and into the cooperate, messed up, busy, one way of life that some how became today’s reality?

Reposted from Uto Ni Yalo’s Facebook page, July 14/15, 2015

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