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Te Matau A Maui: Update July 8, 2015

08/07 @ 1600
s34 39.5′, e178 23.6′
heading 160 @ 6 knots

We are two weeks in to the last leg of the voyage and so far so good. The crews been getting along well and I’ve been learning a lot off Kaipara, the domination crew watch captain. The weathers been getting cold each day since the last blog I wrote, and the winds been picking up as well.

At the moment we aren’t too far from home, me and Tanira put a little bet on how many days we have left until we touch down, but i don’t think either of us will win cause we both don’t know what were on about, even though we act like we do. It’s been a cold, windy and some what wet day so not much action going on apart from what needs to be done, hopefully the weather favors us the next few days so we can get home a bit quicker and finally have a hot shower lol.

Signing out,
Tuirirangi Kereama

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Earlier post of today:

08/07, Position @ 0600:
S 33 42.4′, E 178 30.9′, spd 7.5kt, hdn 205


Last night the sky was full of stars, Maahutonga brighter than ever, leading us home. Marama rising a little before midnight, a close to perfect half moon, gave us the realisation that we have been half a month on the water. All of a sudden, a blanket pulled over the sky covering every inch, not even a peeping hole for Ranginui’s eyes, the stars and moon were but a memory. A fresh squall creeped up just before day break leaving the crew drenched in water, a mixer of salt water from the waves hitting the deck and fresh water from the rain pelting down; buckets full. All of this “concluded” with the rising of Tamanui Te Ra just off the port stern. Flashing along the roughed up waves that were stirring in the gale force winds. The accumulation of phenomena experienced in one 12 hour period on the waka could provide enough poetry for a lifetime – for the skilled poet that is. I’ll just stick with voyaging I think.

Te Matau – feeling the rain, and getting wet, too.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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