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Te Manava Vaka Update: Monday, June 8

Ia ora na outou, another beautiful day on the sea. going sideways a bit more than we’d like, but there’s hope of a wind shift tomorrow that will drive us east over the next couple of days.
Position at 1800: S19 01.2 W155 39.5 crs165 spd2.7 wind E 10kn sea slight

Another little tuna just came on board. helps to keep the kai going.
Taoto maita’i outou

Marumaru Atua
Position at 1800 08/06/15
s20’05.9 w157’25.1

Hey guys, very good day today.

Spent most of the day taking the kids of Mauke around on the vaka, doing bombs and explaining a bit about our lives on here and the message that we are trying to spread across the world. Mauke’s hospitality surpassed expectations of us all as we were hosted by singing mamas and mapu, then presented with a feast not once but twice! Peia was missed today. I could tell this because I had young children asking me if I was Peia and if one day they could sail with me. Of course the first answer was no, I’m not Peia, but yes of course you can sail with me. Once I said that I wasn’t Peia they would tend to wander off and just be un-interested lol. I have yet to build up my reputation to a level of Caps but I’m sure one day it will come.

Mauke is a beautiful island and we are very blessed to have set foot upon it. Thank you to the beautiful people of Mauke. Your hospitality and blessings will be remembered and passed on in our stories.

take care

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