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Samoa in the distance

WHOOOOOO! Meeeaaan!! Cheeeeheeee!!!…Yelled out the crew on deck as Haunui caught his last wave into the sunset to end his near 5 day long surf session. And it was a mean last wave, we hit near 20 knts flying down the face.  Then as Haunui made a hard bottom turn to line up for the “kick out” (get off the wave) he got caught by the lip (the top breaking part of the wave) and no not a wipe out, but close enough as white water covered the deck and splashed up over the hale.

Then as quickly as the night turned into day so did the wind and waves turn from crazy and raging to light and variable.  The wind would blow East for 30min. then West for another 30 and continue on and on doing circles around the compass.  So we went from having to focus hard out on staying safe and holding the best line in raging weather to just trying to hold one heading and keep some wind in our sails.  We could have used the raging weather all the way to Samoa, but as usual Akua never makes it easy for us to get into safe harbour.
Samoa!! We can finally see her in the distance and we are closing in, but still no change in the wind, still light and variable.  So it’s time to hook up the ladder and take the plunge into Samoa’s comfortable warm water, then to come on deck to enjoy the Haunui Special, fresh hot bread and butter!! Sooo ono!          Over the course of this journey Haunui has been to some of the gems of our planet and some of the well not so nice places, but over all we have experienced and learned for ourselves that this place our waa Earth is MEAN!!!  I mean it’s AMAZING!!!  And in lieu of all the crazy environmental issues out there which we are trying to raise awareness about, we still live in an amazing place full of spectacular things for us to do, see, and experience!  So don’t forget to take a break from work, put down the remote, shutdown the computer, and get out there and explore the wonders of your home, and while you’re at it give some thought to how you can make a difference in preserving our playground, home and livelihood…Earth.
Malama pono,
Kalei and Haunui

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