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Mua Voyage: Marumaru Atua Crew Blog, November 24, 2014

Aere ra e te au Aito Tumutoa.

Watching my fellow brothers and sisters sail out of Australia to begin their voyage to Aotearoa was definitely an emotional one… It’s not ‘goodbye’, it is ‘see you on the other side’… which is somehow supposed to make farewells easier..

That didn’t work of course, emotional wreck as usual! My heart and prayers are with you all as you sail along the Oceanic road to where we will meet again with tears of laughter, love and happiness. I have ended my voyage here in Aus, unfortunately I have to get back to reality but once a voyager always a voyager, and I will be back on our mama vaka Marumaru Atua very soon to sail our beautiful deep blue Ocean together again!

My voyage began when we departed Rarotonga 24th September 2014 on the MUA Voyage. I had no idea what to expect or even if I would like it, but all I knew is that I’ve had to do it for not only myself but also my family!!


I sailed 6000nm, 4 islands and made history for the first Polynesian vaka to arrive into Australia. This has been a voyage of a life time and something I’m very blessed and proud to have been a part off. I have learnt so much about myself and who I am as a young Cook Island woman.

I would of course have not been able to do it without my colorful crew. We are no longer mates from different walks of life but we are family who have been chosen to venture on this journey together of which I’m so grateful and truly blessed.

Until we all meet again in Aotearoa my prayers and love are with you. Don’t forget in the hardest nights and days remember to live, love and laugh.. I may be flying this time but my heart and spirit are sailing with you all!!!

Love always, your sistah Xx
Kia Manuia te Atua te Aroa
Temanava Terito Elizabeth Macquarie

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