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Mua Voyage: Marumaru Atua Blog, November 30, 2014

Aloha Mai Kakou

This is Lei’ohu Santos-Colburn. I come from the village in Waimea on the island of Keawe. I am from the voyaging wa’a in Hawai’i; Hokule’a, Makali’i and coastal sailing wa’a Kanehunamoku.

I am aboard Marumaru Atua along with her cookie crew. Two days ago we traveled 252 miles within a 24 hour period. This waka can definitely boost. Uncle Tua indicated that we have easily been traveling at 10 knots.

Aboard Hokule’a I’ve experienced just a portion of this speed (mostly because I’m a sapling in the voyaging ‘ohana). This is my first voyage without my older Makali’i brothers and sisters but the boys here make me feel like I’m one of them. My soul can’t stop smiling. Each moment shared with this crew is better then the previous moment.


Ashley-Ann Louise Lei Ohu O Kahikina Santos Colburn AKA Ohu. Picture credit: Cook Islands Voyaging Society

Last night there were various weather systems fighting, causing little to no wind in our direction. To lighten the mood, captain put the water proof speakers on and the crew danced under the star lit sky. Uncle Tua sat in the navigators chair and told us the story that was written in the sky. Uncle Peia mingled with the crew and shared some laughs. This night will definitely go down in the books of great moments. The only thing I’m missing is my brother Hunny-Ella Bagger to waltz me through the night.

Today is best dress Sunday on the canoe. It was a very eventful day. All the crew came on the deck and listened to captain read some versus from the bible. The sun is out and no clouds to block his warmth.

Our amazing cook Sam made roast lamb, potatos, mashed pumpkins, gravy and a stash of Fanta. Best meal yet! The Rebel Watch wore the heck out of these Aussie hats they got in Australia. They were all decked out from their flash shoes to collared shirts with the top two buttons undone. They took Sunday on the waka to another level. Stay posted for some Beauties and the Beasts photos. That’s all I got for you fellas. Keep updated on our Marumaru Atua page. Mahalo for all of your support!

‘Ohu on the by 72.

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