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Mua Voyage: Marumaru Atua Blog, November 28, 2014

Kia Orana tatou katoatoa,

Greetings from Marumaru Atua zipping along the waters around 33-something degrees South and 161-something degrees East!  It’s a bit cold out here but we are keeping cozy with the warm gear and all the donated food we received before departing Sydney, specifically Rowlands Reserve in Bayview. To the many who came from afar and for those just around the corner from us – Meitaki Ma’ata Ma’ata for visiting us and giving us words of encouragment and gifts of love.

On this final leg of the journey from Australia to New Zealand – we reflect on all our loved ones – friends and family – who we connected with, along with those we have been away from for over 2 months.  At this stage I’d like to send a personal dedication to my Mum and Dad, especially my Mum, to thank her and let her know I’m thinking of her on this special day (Nov. 27).

The birthday girl Ngateina Mackenzie, known to all as Teina

The birthday girl Ngateina Mackenzie, known to all as Teina

Although “See you laters” are always a more sad event, we look to the excitement of arriving in Aotearoa on our majestic vaka.  Some sorely needed TLC will be shown to our vaka, with a core crew staying on to help do maintenance and work while others make our way back to whence we came – until April, when Marumaru Atua will be brought back to the shores of the Cook Islands.

Our vaka will be taking part in Waitangi Day celebrations in Aotearoa so keep an eye out for more information on that happening in early February 2015.

A new dynamic has formed with our lovely Hawaiian additions – Kala and Lei’Ohu – and with our ever dynamic Master Navigator, Tua Pittman, joining us on this leg. What other vaka has TWO of the last 12 Master Navigators in the world???? Only ours and we are so very very fortunate!

With the expertise from our Captain and Watch Captains, we are benefiting from the gnarly weather and swells being sent our way. This morning I was pleasantly surprised to learn that we were averaging 30nm in a watch (3 hours).  Our progress is fast and the seas are really lovely – especially at night.  We carve a pathway through velvet swells glittered with glowing blue-green flashes emanating from the hulls – it is hypnotizing and fascinating, especially knowing those blue-green sprays of glitter are living organisms around our vaka, playfully frolicking like the almost 300+ dolphins that surrounded the vaka yesterday – coming from all corners and wanting to have a closer look at their larger, silent partner in the sea.

It never becomes boring seeing any type of ocean dweller or bird – we even had some squid land on deck this morning (just small though).  Wonders surround us and we are never tired of all that the Ocean provides for our viewing entertainment – we have surround sound, panavision and there is a button that is pushed to make us care deeply for all that we see.  It is easy to see such a passion burn through those who want to preserve all that our Ocean provides – you just have to be here to understand.

In closing, I want to again thank our beautiful families from the coast of the GC to Sydney for all that you have done for all the vaka voyagers, and I send hearty greetings in advance to all our families we are yet to see in NZ…..we’re coming at you!  And fast :0)

With Big Love from the Marumaru Atua Crew, Kia Orana e Te Atua te Aroa

This blog post was written by Teina (the birthday girl) :-)

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