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Mixed Media

History is a race between education and chaos.-HG Wells

Main stream media and corporate news channels are the greatest tool of influence on the planet. Thankfully the internet has opened the door for millions to uncensored, unlimited information. This alone, this connection to the world has created revolutions in our minds and in our lives. The so-called ‘Arab Spring’ was fuelled by years of discontent and triggered by one woman’s plea in an online video. A dictator was brought down, and a global movement spawned. Across the world different states came under pressure from their own people unhappy at the way they were being mis-managed. The Occupy movement at one point spanned 80 or more cities globally with hundreds of thousands being involved.

Time has passed, focus shifted and I’ve been on a canoe basically out of touch for a long time so I don’t know what’s happened to those movements, but the internet, free access to information and the ability to share information has given the people of the world the power to instigate change on a large scale.

A large percentage of the population tho still live in the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ world of main stream media. Fed mountains of drivel and perspectives slanted to the tastes of network owners and bosses. It’s the individual’s prerogative to choose the drivel and slant of the perspectives they want to watch, but at some point we need these media groups to start working in line with the common good. The common good today being protection of the environment and initiatives towards peace and some form of global equity or parity. Community building.

These tools of communication affect the lives of millions, their attitudes to the world and the people around them. To say that people aren’t influenced by the things they see on TV is absolute nonsense and right up there with tobacco companies denying health issues associated with smoking. This denial of responsibility and insistence that they are driven by public tastes needs to be addressed.

It’s a standard concept of age old philosophies and sports psychology that the image we hold in our minds is what we will create in the future. With this in mind let’s look at what we’re putting into our people’s heads. It doesn’t have to be sanitised, there’s a lot of nasty stuff happening that warrants coverage, but there is a huge volume of uplifting, inspiring stories from across the planet that will change people’s lives if they only get to hear about it.

Brilliant ideas, acts of heroism and community building on a scale that changes the way we look at ourselves and our potential. If the main stream media wont play the game turn them off. Go looking for truth and inspiration in other places. This is our world and our time and if we don’t start to take control of things we’ll be railroaded to hell in a handbasket. Perhaps I’m preaching to the choir, if you’re reading this you’ll know that this voyage has changed people’s lives all over the Pacific. It’s a work in progress, but it’s powerful. There are many other groups putting good energy into life too. Find the good stuff and build your spirit. Fill your heart with it. It feels so much better than the mild depression most of us live in from day to day. And when you find it share it with others. People will love you for it and who knows, we may just change the world.

Dunc and Faafaite

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