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'Meating' our needs

An earlier reflection from sea…

We’re flying. Buffeted by the wind and bashed a bit by the sea, but flying. With a solid 25knots on the beam our little canoe is smoking towards home at about 10 knots.  The skies are clear, the stars bright and the Southern Cross is pointing the way. Actually it’s just a bit off to starboard, our course home is 145T, Sou’East. One of the crew said this afternoon while cooking, “Ugh, too much meat. I like meat, but too much.”

As our ice melts (no refrigeration) we have to keep eating what’s in the cooler so as not to waste anything. It’s seldom an easy diet on the canoes. Too much of this, too little of that. Same thing again and again.

Our bodies, as hard as it may be for some to believe, are designed to be predominantly herbivore, vegetarian. We have a very long digestive tract relative to carnivores and although habit and the meat marketing board may say otherwise we don’t need huge volumes of it and are probably healthier without it.

There’s no question our planet would be healthier without it. Meat production globally has been/is responsible for massive deforestation and insanely excessive use of resources, not to mention some horrendously inhumane atrocities towards ‘the meat’ as it’s grown. It’s not a pretty picture. It takes for example 100 litres of water to produce 1kg of potatoes, 4,000 litres for 1kg of rice, 13,000 litres for 1kg of beef (and we’re running out of fresh water).

In 40 years the Amazon has been reduced by 20%. Most of this being converted into (from memory genetically modified) soybean farms to feed poultry in Europe and Asia.
Then we can look at transport and production techniques, pesticides, fertilizers, growth stimulants and antibiotics that impact on our bodies and our world. It’s not a pretty picture.

Carrots: nutritious and fun

What can you do about it? Get interested in your own health, the health of your family. Change your diet a little if need be. There’s no question we’re happier if we’re healthier. Stop buying unsustainably grown or harvested products. How do you find out? If you’re interested you ask questions, talk to people who know (health food stores have plenty of information) or go on-line. If you’re reading this you have a computer.

Our own health, mentally and physically go hand in hand with the health of our planet and when you look at the ‘health’ of modern society mentally and physically we desperately need to change our approach.

The sun has risen with just a few fluffy white clouds to accompany it. The new day is upon us bright and fresh, the knocked-off tops of the blue/grey swells shining in the morning light.
For all it’s death and destruction the world is alive with wonderful changes. Get off the couch and be part of it.

Dunc and Faafaite

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